Pickles in blankets: TikTok is obsessed with this cheesy pickle recipe

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Pickles…they’re one of those ingredients that some people are just obsessed with (and we very much include ourselves in that).

But nobody – and we mean nobody – loves them as much as TikTokers. From stuffing an obscene amount in their In-N-Out orders to creating pickle popsicles, it’s fair to say that people on the video sharing app just can’t get enough of ’em.

But we might just have found our favourite pickle recipe ever. In fact, it’s so good we had to try it for ourselves…

Check it out below: 

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Yep, one TikToker has taken the internet by storm by knocking up a pickle wrapped in fried cheese. Whether you want to call it a chickle, a pickle in a blanket or a picklet, there’s no denying that her creation is what dreams are made of.

The crazy innovation comes from content creator Claire Snyder (named @clurmurr on TikTok), who told followers the recipe was her “guilty pleasure snack.”

In the vid, she starts by adding some cooking spray onto a pan. Then, when it’s heated through she adds some sliced provolone cheese and allows it to get super melty.

Next up comes the pickle. Take it out a jar and pop it in the middle of the cheese, then wrap the cheese around it and you’re in business.

What you end up with is a pickle wrapped up in a crispy cheese coat.

tiktok pickle in blanket fried cheese

Ooof (Credit: Twisted)

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“You hear that crunch?” says the recipe creator as she takes a bite. “I don’t care if anyone says this is gross. It’s amazing.”

You can watch the OG video here. 

Reacting to the video, it’s safe to say that people were getting in a bit of a pickle (pardon the pun).

“I’ve never seen this before but I would eat 100 of them,” said one person.

Whilst another wrote: “Oh I will absolutely be making this.”

“Magical. This is what you call it,” said a third.

As a fourth wrote: “I have found my people.”

Effortlessly simple, unquestionably indulgent. What’s not to love about this cheesy fried snack?