Server sparks debate as table of 21 ask for separate bills

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We’ve all been out for dinner with a large number of people only for the anxiety of covering the bill to set in.

As soon as someone utters the words “let’s split it” shivers go down the spine of the diner who ordered a salad and water, whilst watching others at their table opt for the fanciest steak and cocktails.

But despite this, a server has kicked off a debate online after posting about a large table of 21 people, who each asking for separate receipts.

Dana, who goes by the TikTok handle @danasigns, took to TikTok to express her frustration. 


No hate to these people AT ALL! THEY WERE SO NICE😭 #servertok #ohwell #serverlife #serverproblems #jokes

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Dana uploaded a short video that showed her painstakingly splitting the order, alongside pictures of the final receipts.

The text overlay read: “When a 21 top comes in and they all want separate checks.”

As is often the case in the US, Dana had to acquire the signatures of all 21 of the customers as well – which must have been tedious.

She did clarify in the caption that she had no bad blood towards the customers.

“No hate to these people AT ALL! THEY WERE SO NICE,” she wrote. 

split bill 21 people tiktok

The group wanted to split the bill into 21 (Credit: Alamy)

Viewers of the video were quick to offer their experiences, with one fellow server writing: “I literally tell them no.”

A second moaned: “Sometimes they all just order the same thing…like just have one person pay for it and everyone else give them their share.”

“I remember these days,” said a third. “So not fun. I hope they paid with cards and tipped well.”

“It’s a no from me sis,” chimed in somebody else.

split bill 21 people tiktok

The waitress had a mammoth task ahead (Credit: Alamy)

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There were others who thought it was just part of the gig, though.

“I have no problem with this, I have had larger tables get separate checks. I just take multiple machines to the tables for payment,” said another waiter. 

Meanwhile, another said: “Imagine believing that giving a receipt to each customer isn’t your job.”

What about you, are you a bill splitter or do you work it out after the meal? It looks like the jury is still out on this one…