Vegan landlord controversially ‘bans’ tenants from cooking meat in their home

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

What’s your stance on a vegetarian-only rental?

Well, one landlord has sparked debate after insisting tenants leave their fave meaty meals behind in order for a chance to rent the property…

Everyone has a right to live their life exactly how they want to, but it’s when one side starts encroaching on the other’s way of life that things tend to escalate.

The conditions of the rental are that meat isn’t cooked in the home, as documented by the New York Times.

Meat cooking

The landlord didn’t want the smell of meat in the building. Credit: Guido Mieth/Getty

If you’re on the hunt for an apartment in Brooklyn and love to whip up a hearty Sunday roast or sizzle some fresh fish, you might want to think twice before considering a certain rental opportunity.

The real estate listing in question features two spacious, sunlit brick townhouse apartments, each boasting ample outdoor space and commanding monthly rents of $4,500 (£3,500) and $5,750 (£4,485), respectively. However, it’s the culinary clause that is leaving many potential renters scratching their heads.

Andrea Kelly, the rental broker overseeing this distinctive property, explained the reasoning behind the cooking restriction to NYT. While ordering takeout is perfectly acceptable, the landlord stands firm on the prohibition of meat and fish preparation within the premises.

“It’s not vegetarian-only, but the owner lives in the building and doesn’t want the smell of cooking meat drifting upstairs,” Kelly said.

Legal experts suggest that while the landlord’s culinary clause may raise eyebrows, it does fall within their rights. Lucas A. Ferrara, an adjunct professor at New York Law School and co-author of the book “Landlord and Tenant Practice in New York,” noted that tenants could potentially challenge this condition, but it would likely require a medical condition necessitating meat consumption as a basis for the challenge.

In another instance of opposing views clashing, a recent online debate erupted following a vegan diner’s frustration over the limited food choices at a local BBQ establishment.

Ribs being seasoned

Meat eaters and vegans are often at odds with each other. Credit: Eugene Mymrin/Getty

According to the restaurant staffer, via Reddit, they had greeted the vegan diner with a warm welcome but had to navigate an awkward exchange when she inquired about vegan menu options.

Stressing that it was a BBQ restaurant, the customer felt mistreated that there were no specific vegan items.

The eatery noted that it specialises in ribs and brisket, but that didn’t stop the diner from feeling hard done by, and opting to leave.

Can’t we all just get along?

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