Victoria Beckham defends Brooklyn after he’s roasted for ‘raw’ beef

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Victoria Beckham has taken a dig at those trolling her son Brooklyn Beckham over his recent cooking video.

The aspiring chef, 23, shared a tutorial for how to cook the perfect Sunday dinner recently, but the video sparked some criticism from those who thought the beef he has roasted wasn’t quite to their taste.

You can watch his video below: 

Many said that the beef looked “raw” as they commented they would have preferred their roast to be more well done. However, Victoria wasn’t having any of it, sharing an Instagram story in which she silenced Brooklyn’s critics once and for all…

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“I’ll be attempting this for your dad and brothers and sister!” she wrote on her Instagram story as she shared Brooklyn’s video, before bluntly adding: “It’s rare people not raw.”

victoria beckham

Victoria laid down the law (Credit: Instagram/ Victoria Beckham)

Brooklyn has spoken out about criticism of his career  in the past, telling Variety,: “I always wish them well, the haters. I’m just doing what I love doing, staying healthy, being happy, and that’s what it is.”

He added: “I hope they like my next video.”

Here at Twisted, we know a thing about cooking, and whilst we understand people have strong opinions when it comes to how they eat their meat, we have to agree there’s nothing wrong with Brooklyn’s roast beef.

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In fact, after coming across the video, Creative Culinary Lead Hugh even complemented the meat’s reverse sear, and said: “That looks perfectly fine to me – if the French can have steak tartare, BB can have his roast on the mooing side of raw. Live and let live!”

Whatever you think of the beef in question, it’s not hard to see why his cooking ambitions have often been met with raised eyebrows and a pinch of distain.

brooklyn beckham

The aspiring chef opted for a rare cook on the beef (Credit: Instagram/ Brooklyn Beckham)

Brooklyn’s show comes after he fell in love with food when in lockdown with wife Nicola Peltz, and proceeded to share a plethora of cooking reels on his Instagram and TikTok, knocking up mostly simple recipes, like a bacon, egg and sausage sandwich and french toast.

Such a newfound passion would likely remain a hobby for most of us…but not for Brooklyn. Fast forward a couple of months and he was reportedly throwing the big bucks at his new career, learning to cook everything from breakfast bagels to sushi, in high production episodes which aired across social media.

According to the New York Times, each eight minute episode of his show costs $1000,000 (£73,000), and has a team of 62, including a culinary producer, who approves all the recipes.