TikToker films himself eating £100,000 crisp… then realises

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A TikToker has shot himself in the foot by accidentally eating a crisp which could have been worth £100,000.

Can you even imagine seeing a hundred grand disappear before your very eyes?

Well, that’s what could very well have happened to this guy.

It all happened when TikTok user @corysworldd filmed himself telling people what he ate in a day – pretty standard on the app, nothing to see here.

Except, oh wait…there was. As he chowed down on the food in front of the camera, it didn’t take people long to notice that he’d eaten a heart-shaped Walkers crisp.

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What he didn’t know is there was a £100,000 prize money up for grabs for someone who found a crisp like this, and judging by the shape of it, we’d say he had a pretty good chance of winning.

“Did you just eat the heart shaped Walkers crisp at the start???,” said one person in the comments.

“Girl you just ate the £100,000 crisp it was a heart,” penned another.

As a third wrote: “Cory your cheese and onion crisps have a prize for a love heart crisp. I swear at the start the first one you ate was a love heart one.”

“I think I may have just eaten the [$120,000 Walker’s Crisp],” he then said as he stitched up another video shortly afterwards.

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The competition was in place for Valentine’s Day, and states that if someone finds a heart-shaped crisp they should keep it alongside the packaging it came in for consideration.

The best heart shaped crisp will then win the big prize fund. Here’s the kicker, though. It has to maintain its original form (which means it definitely doesn’t count if you scoff it – sorry Cory).

“Your heart shaped crisp must be untouched, just as you found it in your Walkers pack of crisps…”, they say. 

In an interview since the whole debacle, the TikToker remarkably said he wasn’t angry about the decision.

“I can’t help but laugh about it and I think everyone who watched the video got a good laugh out of it too!,” he said gracefully.

“Such a shame that Cory has eaten that crisp!,” a Walkers spokesperson said. “We do need to be fair to all the other Walkers fans that have followed our competition T&Cs and held onto their crisp for safekeeping, so I’m afraid we won’t be able to accept his entry this time round.

“There’s still time if he wants to enter!”

Featured image credit: Alamy/ Walkers