People are claiming that adding Marmite is the trick to achieving perfect roast potatoes

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Marmite and roast potatoes are in many ways foodie opposites. One is generally regarded as the world’s most divisive ingredient, and even openly embraces the fact that it’s hated by about half the people who try it, whereas the other is about as beloved as a blend of Beyonce, free pizza and holidays to the Maldives. 

Given the difference in popularity, you might think that mixing roast potatoes and Marmite is a recipe for disaster. However, according to multiple reports from across the internet, dozens of home cooks have completely rejected the idea that you can ruin a roasty, and have managed to stumble across something bizarrely brilliant. 

While recipes differ depending on the cook, almost all of them revolve around adding a dollop of marmite to the roasting tin, coating the potatoes and creating a thick, densely flavoured savoury glaze. 

One popular recipe from Instagrammer @chefsusiemandleberg states:

“I feel like this recipe should come with a warning...because they’re genuinely one of the most addictive things you can make... and there’s scientific evidence behind the reason why. Umami, the hidden element behind many excellent dishes, adding depth and flavour to the most basic foods, has been found to be the culprit for those foods that you cannot keep away from. It can be found in slow roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, miso, anchovies, Parmesan, olives... or in this case, Marmite. I absolutely promise you, whether your guests claim to hate or love this controversial ingredient, if you don’t tell them your roasties are coated in Marmite, they’ll be diving in for thirds and fourths of these little flavour bombs.”

Susie’s recipe has, by all accounts been incredibly warmly received, with the chef recently amending her original post, adding:

“The response in my DMs to these has been INSANE, so just a few extra notes. I wouldn’t really say they taste of Marmite... see it as a cheat’s way to achieving that deep, salty flavour that you would get if you roasted potatoes in goose fat for an hour or so.”

Marmite potatoes might sound slightly unorthodox, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t delicious.