The Triple Smash Burger

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Done in 25 minutes

Serves 2

Ori Goldberg

Dish by Ori Goldberg

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This is one for those real cheat days, the ones where all you can think about is a juicy smash burger made with a beef patty. But this, isn't just a smash burger, it's three!


Start by making 2, double cheese smashburgers, by smashing and cooking 8 seasoned patties, all with a slice of american cheese. Cook these burgers on medium-high heat, smashing them using a large spatula and something heavy like a rolling pin or a chefs weight.

Stack the burgers into piles of 2, making 4 double cheese burgers. Place these inside 4 brioche buns, with our burger sauce, and pickles. 

Clean the pan and get it nice and hot, before adding a little bit of butter, followed by one of the finished burgers. Smash down the whole thing again, flipping once when the brioche has toasted. Repeat for all the burgers. 

With a new bun, start with more burger sauce, followed by lettuce, tomato, 2 of our smashed burgers, more sauce and finish with a few pickles.

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Ori Goldberg

Ori Goldberg

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