Cinnamon Roll Tarte Tatin

Tarte tatins are all well and good, but puff pastry isn’t really that exciting. What is exciting is cinnamon rolls, particularly massive ones.

Done in 2 hours

Serves 8

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It's going to be big, it's going to be nice.


To make the cinnamon roll dough, whisk the milk, sugar and yeast together. Set aside for 15 minutes. Pour the yeasty milk into a stand mixer along with the flour, butter, eggs and salt. Mix on a low speed using the dough hook (or knead by hand) until soft and slightly sticky. Cover with clingfilm and allow to rise for around an hour.

Knock back the dough and roll out into a very wide rectangle. Spread the butter all over the top, then sprinkle over the brown sugar and cinnamon. Cut the dough into four equal long strips, roll up the dough piece by piece to make a huge cinnamon roll! Blimey!

Preheat the oven to 180°C. For the apple topping, start off with the caramel. Scatter the sugar over the base of a medium saucepan and turn up the heat up to medium low. Stir the sugar frequently - it'll start to melt and go golden. When it's completely molten, add the butter and whisk to incorporate and make a caramel.

Grease and line a 20cm cake tin, then pour the still hot caramel over the bottom. Arrange the apples over the bottom of the cake tin, curved side down, ugly side up. Top with the massive cinnamon roll.

Bake for around an hour, or until the internal temperature of the dough is 88°C - this means it's cooked. Carefully flip it over, removing the tin and the greaseproof paper. Serve warm, drizzled with cream.

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Hugh Woodward

Hugh Woodward

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