Pumpkin Spice Tiramisu

Just another excuse to scoff your face full of Tiramisu… and we love that!

Done in 4hrs

Serves 6

Tom Jackson

Dish by Tom Jackson

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Using traditional recipes doesn't mean boring and rigid. In fact, they should be used to guide experiments and new food ideas. This Pumpkin Spice Tiramisu breaks every rule in the book, but also abides by all the rules too?!


Start by combining your mascarpone and pumpkin puree in a bowl, mixing until all incorporated. Then separate your eggs into egg whites and yolks in two different bowls.

Add the sugar into the yolks, and whisk until pale and fluffy. By hand this can take up to 5 mins. Separately, whisk your egg whites to stiff peaks.

Pour your egg yolks into your pumpkin macaroni cream, and fold together. Continue with the egg whites, folding a third of the fluffy egg whites at a time, making sure to not break any air bubbles.

Let the cream cool in the fridge for an hour or so, until it sets up a bit.

Dunk your savoiardi into your cold espresso for only a couple of second, before placing them into your chosen dish. Once you have covered the bottom with savoiardi, spoon on a generous amount of pumpkin cream, and repeat for one more layer.

Dust the top of your tiramisu with cocoa powder and pumpkin spice and place in the fridge to fully set for a minimum of 3 hours. And after that, all that's left to do is enjoy!!!

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Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson

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