This $18 cheeseburger-stuffed sandwich is made with four different cheeses

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Forking out the best part of $20 for a sandwich, no matter how cheesy and delicious, can be difficult to justify. For the price of five and a half big macs, you should probably be celebrating a significant anniversary or successful heart bypass. Thank heaven, then, for National Cheese Lover’s Day.

Celebrated annually on the 20th of January, the pseudo-holiday is the ultimate excuse to indulge in something gloriously gooey and OTT. Previous years have seen all sorts of elaborate, dairy-heavy delights appear in American restaurants, and 2020 is thankfully no exception. In fact, it may take the title of offering the day’s tastiest cheesy dish to date. 

A collaboration between famous cheesemonger Murray’s Cheese and brewery and venue Clinton Hall, “The Resolution Breaker” is a sandwich that will put even the most ardent New Year’s pledges to the test. 

Two separate grilled cheese sandwiches, stuffed with a blend of Cheddar, Fontina and Gouda act as the buns, which are then stuffed with a six-ounce beef patty, fried cheese curds and tangy bread and butter pickles. It is, by any definition, a colossal combination. 

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According to Forbes, the dish will be available at four of Clinton Hall’s New York City locations from the 20th of January through to the 14th of February. This was confirmed by Clinton Hall itself, who shared a snap of the sandwich on Instagram, writing:

"We’ve teamed up with @murrayscheese to bring you THE RESOLUTION BREAKER! A beef patty topped with a layer of crispy fried cheese curds and bread & butter pickles sandwiched between two grilled cheeses made up of Murray’s blend, fontinia and gouda! Available starting today at our 36th Street, 51st Street, FiDi and Williamsburg locations until Valentine’s Day!"

Say what you will about the merits of a day celebrating anyone who enjoys eating cheese, but we’re certainly thankful that we have the option of observing the occasion with a sandwich as awesome as this.