You can now get a chocolate Easter Bunny stuffed with Reese's peanut butter

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Too often, tasty sounding novelty Easter items fail to live up to expectations. Rabbit-shaped chocolates might sound like a reasonable idea on paper, but it doesn’t take long for the impracticalities of hollow heads and splintered ears to become obvious and disappointing to everyone. It’s enough to make you give up on unconventional treats forever.

However, before you resign yourself to a life of boring, rectangular chocolate bars, there may be a solution to the crushing anticlimax of an ordinary chocolate rabbit.

According to multiple eagle-eyed sources on social media, stores in America are now stocking solid rabbits stuffed with Reese’s peanut butter. Say goodbye to crumbly bunnies - pure peanut butter bliss has arrived.

The product was identified by Instagrammer @snacksfromaroundtheworld, who posted a snap of both the Reese’s rabbit and a silver Hershey’s edition with the caption:

“We are in Easter more lol! Found these at @giantfoodstores and thought they looked cute. Plus never seen this packaging and the Hershey bunny. That’s a lot of thick chocolate!”

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While it wasn’t initially clear from the photo whether the Reese’s rabbit was actually as solid as it looked, @snacksfromaroundtheworld provided confirmation in a comment below, replying to an inquisitive fan, “they’re both solid!”

Though the bunnies featured on Instagram were photographed at Giant Food Stores, they can also be picked up at Target and Five Below for $4.29 and $5 respectively. 

As Reese’s fans will know only too well, the famous peanut butter treat producer has a history of making some seriously tasty Easter goodies. The solid Reese’s egg is the stuff of legend, while similar rabbits have been popping up online and in stores for years. Clearly, if you’re after a taste of something a little different this Easter, sticking with Reese’s is a fairly safe bet.