Meet Andi Oliver – Great British Menu host and mother of presenter Miquita Oliver

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Andi Oliver is an essential part of Great British Menu. Taking over presenter duties from Scottish comic Susan Calman, Oliver now sits centre stage in the popular BBC cooking competition.

Being an experienced food writer, musician and former Great British Menu judge, Oliver is certainly no stranger to the limelight. With the new series well underway, here's everything you need to know about the new host.

Andi Oliver Great British Menu Andi Oliver has appeared on Great British Menu since 2017 (Credit: Alamy/Steve Vas)

Who is Andi Oliver?

57-year-old Oliver is a food writer, musician and restaurateur. In addition to her role as presenter on Great British Menu, Oliver is also the lead singer for The Mighty Hog, and was once a part of cult group Rip Rig + Panic.

The post-punk band was launched in 1980 but her brother Sean Oliver, Mark Springer, Gareth Sager, Bruce Smith and 80s icon Neneh Cherry.

Oliver joined the band as s singer, while David Wright was the saxophonist, David De Fried played the trumpet and Sarah Sarhandi played the viola.

Sadly, the band split in 1983. Commenting on the group's split, Cherry told Spin: "Everyone needed to go and do their own thing. I don’t remember us splitting up, but there was an overspill into another overspill."

Despite her extensive musical career, it is Oliver's interest in food for which she is most well-known.

As well as presenting and previously judging the Great British Menu, Oliver also previously hosted BBC 2 cooking show Neneh and Andi Dish it Up.

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Oliver is also a regular contributor to shows such as Radio 4's The Kitchen Cabinet and Truth About Food.

She has also ventured into the restaurant business herself, opening her eatery in north east London, recently renamed Andi's Wadadli Kitchen.

Andi Oliver Great British Menu Andi Oliver has moved to presenting duties on Great British Menu (Credit: BBC)

Why did Andi Oliver replace Prue Leith on Great British Menu?

Given how much Great British Menu grew in popularity throughout the 2010s, Prue Leith's decision to leave the panel in 2017 came as a shock to some. And Andi Oliver's arrival in 2017 may have been slightly surprising.

However, to a certain extent, the decision was taken out of the BBC's hands.

Oliver only came on board after Leith, who is probably most well-known for founding Leith's Cookery School, left the BBC to take over presenting duties on The Great British Bake Off on Channel 4.

Given her previous food show experience and industry credentials, Oliver was a natural choice.

Prue Leith Great British Menu Prue Leith left Great British Menu in 2016 (Credit: Alamy/Tommy London)

Is Andi Oliver married?

Andi Oliver lives with her partner Grant Hackett in Clapton, east London.

The couple met over 20 years ago at a speakeasy in Shoreditch and, according to an interview Oliver gave to Local Buyers Club, bonded over a "mutual hatred of camping".

According to the star, she and her other half can often be found hanging out in Millfields park with a speaker system and some good food.

Oliver also has a daughter, Miquita, from a previous relationship.

Andi Oliver daughter Andi Oliver with her daughter Miquita (Credit: Alamy/Sipa USA)

Who is Andi Oliver's daughter Miquita Oliver?

Andi Oliver's daughter Miquita Oliver is also closely associated with the music industry.

The 34-year-old radio and TV personality is probably most famous for her stint as the host of Channel 4's Popworld, as well as the face of T4 from 2006 to 2010.

Oliver is a well-known DJ, previously hosting shows on BBC Radio 1 and 1 Xtra.

She also has an ongoing interest in fashion, previously appearing on shows such as This Week to discuss the subject.

Miquita Oliver Miquita Oliver is a former host of T4 and Popworld (Credit: Alamy/PA Images)

What happened to Miquita Oliver?

Despite her successes in show business, it hasn't all been plain-sailing for Miquita

In 2011, for instance, she filed for bankruptcy, following the non-payment of a tax bill. This experience inspired her to produce the programme Young, British and Broke: The Truth About Payday Loans in 2013.

Oliver has also alleged that the BBC fired her in 2009 following an outburst against fellow DJ Ferne Cotton.

According to Oliver, she jokingly referred to Cotton as a "devil woman". This reportedly prompted the BBC to let her go, despite a promising start to her career.

Neneh Cherry Andi Oliver Musician Neneh Cherry is Andi Oliver's best friend and paid for part of Miquita's education (Credit: Alamy/PA Images)

What has Andi Oliver said about her hair?

As well as her expert opinions on top-quality cooking, Andi Oliver is instantly recognisable for her shaven-headed appearance.

However, while her close-cropped haircut has been her signature style for years, Oliver has revealed that some people are inexplicably outraged by the look.

In a 2020 interview, Oliver told the Radio Times: “Twitter’s the cesspit of filth, but I had a guy on Instagram the other day saying that I was going to hell if I didn’t grow my hair."

She went on to add: "I wanted to message back and say, 'Darling, there’s so much other stuff that hair’s not going to be the thing that sends me to hell'.”

Andi Oliver Andi Oliver's fellow Great British Menu judges include Rachel Khoo (Credit: BBC)

What is Andi Oliver's net worth?

Estimates from the wealth aggregator Celebs Age Wiki put Andi Oliver's net worth at somewhere in the region of $1 to $5 million.

However, it's clear from previous interviews that Oliver hasn't always been so well off. As she told Local Buyers Club in 2017: “It has always been up and down and that seems normal to me – sometimes we have money and sometimes we don’t.

"Everyone thinks because they see you on telly you must be rich, but I’ve never been driven by money.”

Neneh Cherry Andi Oliver Neneh Cherry and Andi Oliver's show aired in 2007 (Credit: BBC)

Does Andi Oliver have any cookbooks?

Although Oliver is yet to release an official cookbook, she does have dozens of recipes available across the internet.

For instance, BBC Food lists no less than 46 Andi Oliver recipes, including ackee and saltfish and Marrakesh-inspired lamb.

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The same website also lists several recipes produced in collaboration with her cooking partner Neneh Cherry. These dishes follow in the footsteps of the duos 2007 show Neneh and Andi Dish it Up.

Either way, whatever you're in the mood for, there are plenty of Andi Oliver recipes to inspire you.

Great British Menu is on BBC Two, Thursdays at 8pm