This bakery is looking for people to take on its gigantic 1kg doughnut challenge

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Eating a kilo of anything is a serious challenge. However, if you’re going to subject yourself to hours of chronic indigestion, it might as well be for the sake of something as delicious as a doughnut.

This seems to be the overriding philosophy behind one Australian bakery’s latest food promotion. Kenilworth Country Bakery in Queensland is now tasking its customers with eating one of its giant pastries.

For ambitious foodies with a sweet tooth, this may be the best excuse to go Down Under you’ll ever get.

Doughnut eating challenge The Kenilworth County Bakery is famous for its doughnuts (Credit: Instagram/Kenilworthcountybakery)

1kg doughnut eating challenge

The “1KG Challenge” is clearly a key part of Kenilworth County Bakery’s strategy.

Not only does the promotion dominate the business’ website, but the offer is also available on a range of different doughnuts. Unlike many similar challenges, this is a task you can really customise according to taste.

For example, would-be challengers can choose from no less than six different delicious flavours, ranging in price from $20 AUD to $25.

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Included on the roster are the crunchy honeycomb and cream-stuffed “Beesting”, as well as more traditional options like the “Strawberry Ring” with pink icing and sprinkles.

Whatever your doughnut preference, Kenilworth seems to have you covered. The only question remaining is whether or not you’ve got the stomach for the challenge.

doughnut eating challenge The doughnut eating challenge can also be done at home (Credit: Instagram/Kenilworthcountybakery)

Takeaway doughnut challenge

Part of what makes the Kenilworth County Bakery challenge so appealing is that it can actually be done at home.

The bakery recently expanded its service, allowing customers to take on the challenge away from the store. Writing on Instagram, the business confirmed:

“Did you know you can still do the #1kgdonutchallenge as Takeaway… Place your order on our website… Come in and collect your #1kgdonut… Take it to your desired destination… Film yourself (time lapse)… Email us the video for refund and plate!”

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This potentially makes it one of the most convenient eating challenges ever created.

Combine that with the deliciousness of a 1kg doughnut, and Australia has itself a seriously exciting entry into the competitive eating scene.