10 best Man v. Food episodes you have to watch if you’re a true fan

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Finding the best Man v. Food episodes is an extremely enjoyable experience. After all, who doesn’t want to watch eight seasons of awesome food from across the United States?

But, even with a catalogue of eats extensive enough to feed an army, not all Man v. Food episodes are created equal. It pays to know where to find the best of the best.

What happened to Adam RIchamn (Credit: Food Network) Adam Richman hosted Man v. Food for years – but what were his best moments? (Credit: Food Network)

What are the best Man v. Food episodes?

To help refine your search for incredible food experiences, we’ve selected 10 of our all-time top episodes.

Whether it’s for the food, the location or the people, each of these highlights will both inspire you and make you insanely jealous. Here we list our best Man v. Food episodes ever.

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1. Amarillo (S. 1 – Ep. 1)

To understand what Man v. Food is all about, you have to take it right back to the beginning. The show’s very first episode captured everything that’s great about the series, and revealed a pretty awesome restaurant in the process.

Featuring a 72-ounce steak at the Big Texan Steak Ranch, the episode introduced the audience to Adam Richman’s boundless enthusiasm and seemingly endless appetite. Well worth watching.

2. Anchorage (S. 2 – Ep. 16)

It’s one thing to watch a man eat a massive amount of food. It’s another thing entirely to watch him actually enjoy what he’s doing. This, for us, is why the Anchorage episode deserves a special mention.

Richman has subsequently cited the “Kodiak Arrest” challenge at Humpy’s Alaskan Alehouse as his favourite ever. The king crab legs, it seems, were a particular highlight.

3. Boston  (S. 1 – Ep. 8)

Unsurprisingly, Man v. Food has featured many mighty burgers. Though the frankly obscene 5lbs Eagle’s Challenge burger is definitely impressive, the real highlight of this episode is the element of competition.

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For the first time, Richman faced a foe with real stakes on the line – whoever lost the challenge would have to wear either an “I love NYC” or an “I love Boston” T-shirt. Needless to say, there were fireworks.

Man v. Food best episodes burger challenge The 5lbs Eagle’s Burger Challenge was immense (Credit: Food Network)

4. Feast special (S. 4 – Ep. 24)

With Richman taking a back seat, season four of Man v. Food had a very different feel to its predecessors. This meant that there was much more room for genuinely insightful commentary, amongst all the pigging out.

Few episodes showcase this side of the show more effectively than the Feast Special. In 20 minutes, Richman travels from Plymouth to Hawaii, to Pennsylvania, showing how different communities celebrate Thanksgiving, revealing a more serious side to the show.

Adam Richman bets Man v. Food episodes (Credit: Food Network) Adam struggled with his food challenge in Hawaii (Credit: Food Network)

5. Miami (S. 2 – Special)

As a rule, one-off specials don’t always end well. For Man v. Food, however, the format provided a fantastic opportunity to revel in a city’s food scene, while indulging in an especially epic eating contest.

Over the course of the Miami special, Richman toured some of the city’s best pig out spots, before sitting down to a live 20-minute giant steak challenge. The fact that he romped home makes the viewing even sweeter.

Adam Richman Man v. Food (Credit: Food Network) The Man v. Food host was up for the 20-minute giant steak challenge (Credit: Food Network)

6. Niagara Falls (S. 3 – Ep. 15)

Ordinarily, Man v. Food is an all-American affair. However, Richman and co decided to shake things up a little midway through season three, taking the fight to their friendly neighbour to the north.

On his first trip to Canada, Richman tackles a truly monumental pasta challenge – a must-see for any Italian food fan. The fact that the contest takes place away from American soil adds some serious spice to the affair.

7. Sacramento (S. 3 – Ep. 17)

Few events have done more for the American impression of epic eating than the state fair. Although these celebrations happen all over the country every year, Richman’s trip to Sacremento in 2010 really shone a spotlight on what’s available.

Dishes include fried hot dog on a stick, potato tornado on a stick, and deep fried Twinkie. On a stick. For fans of unusual food, this one is a must-watch.

Adam Richman man v. food (Credit: Food Network) Adam has certainly gave the Man v. Food challenges his best shot (Credit: Food Network)

8. Sarasota (S. 2 – Ep. 7)

As enjoyable as it is to watch a man eat something delicious, it can sometimes be just as satisfying to watch him struggle. So it proved with Richman’s infamous trip to Sarasota.

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Among delicious treats like burger-stuffed sandwiches, this episode is defined by Richman’s encounter with the wings at Munchies 4:20 Cafe – a challenge that famously ended in defeat and with Richman standing inside a walk-in freezer.

Adam Richman Man v. Food (Credit: Food Network) This was one of our best Man v. Food episodes (Credit: Food Network)

9. Street Eats (S. 4 – Ep. 17)

Man v. Food is an almost exclusively restaurant-based show. However, this season four special proved that awesome food can be found almost anywhere.

On his quest to find the nation’s finest street food, Richman tours LA, Tampa and New York, proving you don’t need a kitchen diner to blow people away.

Adam Richman Man v. Food (Credit: Food Network) Burgers are taken to the next level on Man v. Food (Credit: Food Network)

10. Wilmington (S. 6 – Ep. 2)

Man v. Food is a very different beast now that Adam Richman has left the show. However, just because there’s a new host in town doesn’t make the spectacle any less enjoyable.

To get a taste of what new host Casey Webb brings to the table, you can’t do worse than this trip to North Carolina. Featuring sensational barbecue and an almighty pierogi dumpling challenge, this episode proves that change isn’t always bad news.

Heres our pick for the best Man v. Food episodes Have you watched all of Adam Richman’s Man v. Food challenges? (Credit: PA)

For some, the sight of a man gorging himself on an impossible amount of food might sound slightly off-putting. It’s certainly true that competitive eating isn’t for everyone.

However, when the show is as gleeful as Man v. Food, it’s impossible not to feel slightly taken in. There’s no shame in wishing that you could spend your days stuffing yourself with your favourite food.