How much does Casey Webb make on Man v. Food? The new host replaced Adam Richman

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Man v. Food frontman Casey Webb has a pretty difficult day job. Not only does he have to spend his time destroying giant food challenges, but he also has to try and step out of the shadow of one of food TV's most popular hosts, Adam Richman.

It's not an enviable task, by any stretch of the imagination.

Still, the New York-born food-thusiast has spent four seasons getting his feet under the table and learning the ropes. Now, he is well and truly top dog.

Casey Webb Man v Food (Credit: Food Network) Man v. Food frontman Casey Webb is well and truly top dog (Credit: Travel Channel)

How much does Casey Webb make on Man v. Food?

While Webb certainly hasn't bragged about his Man v. Food salary, multiple reports suggest that he is remunerated extremely well for his time.

According to Hollywood Mask, for instance, the energetic host nets around $35,000 per episode.

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If this figure is to be believed, his total earnings for the show would be around $2,450,000.  That's enough to keep anybody happy, no matter what they have to eat.

Interestingly, if this is true, this figure would put Webb's salary on the same level as the previous host, Adam Richman. Given the controversy around his selection as host, he's clearly not doing badly for himself.

Casey Webb Man v Food (Credit: Travel Channel) It's reported that Casey Webb makes a pretty penny hosting Man v Food (Credit: Travel Channel)

Is Casey Webb a chef?

Much like his predecessor, Webb isn't a formally qualified chef.

However, he has held a string of different jobs throughout the food industry, including managing a restaurant prior to hosting the show.

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Mashed reports that the 42-year-old was actually called up from bartending and that "...he's held down almost all the non-traditional jobs that crop up in the food industry, from management to selling wine and spirits." If this is true, he certainly has some enviable credentials.

Alongside his career in the food industry, Webb has also worked extensively as an actor.

He has appeared in several TV shows, including Inside Amy Schumer and Part Timers. In 2019, he also presented Food Network baking show Santa's Baking Blizzard.

El gigante burrito Adam Richman left Man v. Food after season 4 (Credit: Travel Channel)

What does Adam Richman think of his replacement?

Evidence suggests that he remains slightly bitter over Webb's success in his old role.

In an Instagram post, Richman threw some shade Webb's way, suggesting that he wasn't the true host of the show, rather was "Just someone driving a stolen car".

While Richman hasn't made many public comments on the current direction of Man v. Food, this remark certainly suggests some ill-feeling. Fans shouldn't hold their breath for a reunion any time soon.

Since parting with the show, Richman has split his time between several other food projects, such as Best Sandwich in America, Adam Richman's Fandemonium, and Man Finds Food.

Adam Richman has been pretty outspoken about Webb's performance (Credit: PA)

Why did Adam Richman leave?

Webb only acceded to the Man v. Food throne after it was vacated by legendary first host, Adam Richman.

Before he left in 2012, Richman and his stomach were certified stars, taking on America's toughest eating challenges with wit and charm. It's safe to say that Man v. Food would not be the show it is today without Richman's personality.

However, despite the wild success of the Man v. Food formula, Richman eventually had to retire after just four seasons.

Speaking to the BBC in 2016, Richman revealed that there were two main reasons for his retirement. As he put it:

"I don't miss the physiological feeling after having a spicy challenge and having that much food in you.

"I just wanted to do off the grid restaurants, to showcase the amazing BBQ scene here [in the UK] and to find the best sandwich in America and so on."

For a long time, rumours circulated that Richman had been forced to call it a day due to health concerns. However, he has since categorically denied this.

"It was completely fictional. After 59 challenges. You have that sort of percentage of sick people who almost wanted to believe that [illness] happened to me," he told the BBC.

Still even after nine years away, it's clear that he's just as popular as ever.