Burger King is handing out free Whoppers this week – here’s how to get yours

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Burger King is offering customers free Whoppers for this week only in news that will excite every burger fan from Cornwall to Clackmannanshire.

The promotion, courtesy of delivery partners Deliveroo, is available across the country and is understandably getting fans seriously excited.

Whatever your opinions of the fast food industry, no one is above turning down a freebie. Frankly, even the biggest sceptics might struggle to resist this deal.

Burger King free Whoppers Burger King customers can claim free Whoppers this week (Credit: Alamy/Kristoffer Tripplaar)

Free Whoppers from Burger King

The new deal is available for customers ordering through the Deliveroo app. Though not available in store, it certainly makes things more convenient having your free food sent straight to your door.

In order to claim the free sandwich, all you have to do is place an order worth £15 or more. Once the basket is full, you can then claim your free Whopper and add it to the order.

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This makes it the ideal offer for anyone ordering Burger King en masse. To top it off, the promotion even extends to plant-based burgers as well, so there really is no excuse not to take part.

Fans will be able to secure free Whoppers until the May 20, meaning there’s still plenty of opportunity to benefit.

The deal itself celebrates that there is no secret to Burger King’s iconic sandwich – just flame cooking. Frankly, whatever the reason, we’re just thrilled that free food is available at the touch of a button for the next few days.

Burger King The free Whoppers offer isn’t the only promotion at Burger King (Credit: Alamy)

Other Burger King promotions

The free Whopper offer isn’t Burger King’s only current marketing strategy.

As part of a push to persuade customers to return to stores, the fast food mega-brand is also creating a series of artificial smoke signals.

These signals are observable via a QR code on a series of new Whopper posters across UK cities. In virtual reality, fans will be able to see smoke through their phones and follow it to their nearest restaurant.

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In a press release about the new promotion, Soco Nunez, Marketing Director, Burger King UK said: “We’re very excited to launch our AR smoke signals in select locations this week.

“We’re hopeful the experience will help see customers return through our doors for indoor dining following the easing of Covid restrictions, as well as providing a cheeky reminder of why the Whopper is one of a kind.”

Following fake smoke is certainly a novel way to get people into a restaurant. Still, as lockdown restrictions really start to ease, people may well be desperate enough to take part.