Iconic cafe launches insane deep fried mozzarella bolognese burger – and it’s 1,000 calories a portion

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

A restaurant in Australia has created what might be the most epic Italian fast food mash-up of all time.

The ludicrous “Spag Bol and Meatballs Burger” is a 1,000-calorie blend of four or five classic Italian eats, all served inside a colossal sandwich.

No wonder the Internet is slightly overwhelmed at the prospect of actually eating one.

Bolognese burger Milky Lane The bolognese burger also includes a fried cheese patty (Credit: Instagram/MilkyLane)

Cafe releases epic bolognese burger

Stuffed with more Italian dishes than the average Pizza Express menu, the new burger from Milky Lane really is something to behold.

The full and mouth-watering ingredients list includes homemade spaghetti bolognese with meatballs, a herb and parmesan-crusted deep-fried mozzarella patty, two double-smashed beef patties, a double portion of American cheese, and Napoli tomato sauce – all served on a garlic bread bun.

Legend has it that it takes almost as long to recite the ingredients as it does to eat the sandwich.

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In an inviting Instagram message advertising the new option, Milky Lane wrote: “We have dug deep to deliver you something HEARTY, DELICIOUS and COMFORTING as the weather has cooled right down – this will warm your soul and fill your bellies.”

Maybe if our winter warmers were this outrageous, we’d all be more excited about December.

spag bol burger The new burger weighs in at over 1000 calories (Credit: Instagram/MilkyLane)

Fans react to the new sandwich

Given the outrageous ingredients, it’s hardly surprising that fans are torn over the new bolognese burger.

Many, understandably, are seriously excited. For instance, as one enthusiast put it, “Could this be the best burger ever made? Without tasting it…I think it might be…”

However, the prospect of eating about eight different meals at once is clearly off-putting for some. As one Instagrammer wrot:, “Looks like it would be messy, I don’t think I could eat that in public.”

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The Milky Lane burger franchise is no stranger to outrageous sandwich creations.

As well as the imposing new Spag Bol and Meatballs Burger, the menu also boasts enormous freak shakes, stacked fried chicken sandwiches and enough oil to fuel the Indy 500.

However, it’s the creative aspects of their cooking that really catch the eye. For example, as well as the new Italian option, the menu also offers a stuffed cheeseburger croissant, complete with a caramel Biscoff dip.

While the bold flavour combinations may not be to everyone’s taste, the restaurant certainly doesn’t play it safe. Honestly, we can’t wait to see what appears on the menu next.