Dream job paying £29k a year to tour pubs has just started taking applications

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Now that we’re finally free from the shackles of lockdown, the pub is basically the only thing on Britain’s mind.

Sure, the last 12 months might have been a hollow, pint-less hellscape. But now that things are getting back to normal, we can be certain that we’ll never again take our favourite watering holes for granted.

In fact, if you want to prove your loyalty to pubs everywhere, there’s even a way to turn your passion into a profession.

Pub tour You could now get paid to go on a pub tour (Credit: Pexels)

Earn £29k by going on a pub tour

In news that will delight every pint-swilling pub-lovers everywhere, you can now apply for an actual pub-touring job.

The Heritage Project Officer position, advertised by Lincolnshire County Council, offers a total immersion in pub culture.

According to the advert, a successful applicant could earn up to £28,672 by helping to tour and document some of the county’s most historic inns.

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Funded by Historic England, the position is an integral part of the Inns on the Edge project. This concept intends “to enhance the local historic environment records, raise awareness in response to the threat of pub closures, and help the hospitality sector recover from the pandemic.”

Excitingly for pub-goers, this involves “researching” every pub in a 50-mile stretch of Lincolnshire. While there’s no such thing as the perfect job, getting paid to go to the pub comes pretty close.

Historic pubs Lincolnshire The new position will involve touring some of Lincolnshire’s most historic pubs (Credit: Alamy/Ian Francis stock)

How to apply

Unfortunately for enthusiastic pub connoisseurs, you’ll need more than an appetite for beer to succeed in the application process.

According to the advert, candidates must be educated to degree level or equivalent in a relevant field. Suitably subjects include archaeology, history, or building management. In addition, the advert states:

“A good working knowledge of the region’s heritage, and of the architectural and social history of pubs is desirable. As is a good understanding of the social and economic role of public houses in rural and urban communities today, and the current challenges they face.”

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Sadly, this combination of criteria may well exclude the average pub-lover from participating in the project. Still, it’s good to know that if you do acquire the right skills, you might eventually be paid to go on a pub tour.

We’ll drink to that.