8 delicious alcoholic ice lollies to indulge in this summer

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Alcoholic ice lollies can be an awesome way to celebrate the start of summer. After an unusually miserable May, we all deserve refreshing buzz to raise our spirits.

Fortunately, we aren’t short of exciting options.

best alcoholic ice lollies Finding the best alcoholic ice lollies isn’t always easy (Credit: Alamy/Nathaniel Noir)

Best alcoholic ice lollies

Ideal for any parched adult, these alcoholic ice lollies are the pinnacle of summer indulgence. Not only are they all absolutely delicious, but they also provide a great excuse for day drinking.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

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In order to help you optimise your alcoholic ice lolly options this summer, we’ve pulled together a selection of our favourites. Rest assured, whatever you go for, the results will be seriously satisfying.

Here are our picks for the best alcoholic ice lollies in 2021.

1. Bud Light Selzer Icicles

best alcoholic ice lollies Bud Light Seltzer frozen lollies are available in three different flavours (Credit: Bud Light)

Hard Selzer is fast becoming the must-have summer drink. Small wonder, then, that people have figured out it’s also delicious if you freeze it.

Available in a retro, tie-dye pack, these treats come in three separate varieties – cherry limeade, blue raspberry and summer ice. The new Selzer articles will be available for a limited time only from June 14th. If you’re eager to upgrade your Selzer, look no further.

2. Pops Ice Lollies

Pimms ice lolly Pops Pimms Ice Lollies from Pops might be the ultimate summer treat (Credit: Pops)

Pimms might just be the quintessential British summer beverage. What better way to celebrate the return of the sun, therefore, than a frozen Pimms ice lolly?

Pops treats come in four separate flavours, including Gordon’s gin and Vodka and Watermelon Martini. However, for our money, the 4.3% Pimms treat is the real highlight.

3. Naturdays Icicles

best alcoholic ice lollies The Naturdays popcicles come in two different flavours (Credit: Twitter/Natural Light)

Based on the best-selling strawberry lemonade beer, Naturdays Icicles are a real breath of fresh air in the ice lolly scene.

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The brand’s new 12-pop variety packs also introduce several new flavours onto the scene. For the first time, customers can sink their teeth into delicious 8% alcohol pineapple lemonade icicles. Yummy.

4. Cutwater Cocktail Pops

Cutwater Cocktail Pops Cutwater Cocktail Pops come in several delicious flavours (Credit: Instagram/Cutwater Spirits)

Ideal for any health-conscious ice lolly-lovers out there, Cutwater Cocktail have the added bonus of being low-calorie. However, this is a secondary consideration to flavour, which they also deliver in bundles.

Options include Gin Melon, Vodka Mule and Rum & Cola. At just $24.99 for 12, with free shipping, these frozen cocktails are a great option.

5. Buzz Pop Cocktails

Best Alcoholic ice lollies At 15%, Buzz Pop Cocktails pack a serious punch (Credit: Instagram/Buzz Pop Cocktails)

If you’re looking for a more full-on ice lolly alternative, Buzz Pop Cocktails may well be the way to go. These 100 calories, 15% flavour bombs are packed with booze, and come in several bold flavours.

On the downside, they do cost a hefty $79.99 for a pack of 12. On the other hand, can you put a price on a Moscow Mule sorbet in the sun?

6. Ice Kitchen Mojitos

Ice Kitchen Mojito The Ice Kitchen Mojito is a winner of a Great Taste award (Credit: Ice Kitchen)

Another premium option in the alcoholic ice lolly market, Ice Kitchen offers a cut above your standard frozen popsicle. If you’re prepared to pay a bit of a premium, the rewards are worth it.

Options include Mojito Poptails, subtly flavoured with a splash of white rum. Winner of a Great Taste award and available across the UK, Ice Kitchen is certainly a great alternative.

7. Veil Vodka Pops

Veil Vodka lollies Veil Vodka Ice Pops only cost $17.99 for 12 (Credit: Veil Vodka)

On the other hand, alcoholic ice lollies don’t always have to ooze class. Sometimes the best things in life are cheap, cheerful and totally delicious. Veil Vodka Pops deliver on all three fronts.

Available for just $17.99 for 12, these blueberry, cherry and watermelon-flavoured treats are perfect for kickstarting summer celebrations. Stock up while it’s still sunny!

8. Lapp Poptails

Lapp Poptails Spritz Lapp Poptails come in numerous flavours and varieties (Credit: Lapp)

Another option in the gourmet lolly space, Lapp Poptails show what’s possible with premium ingredients and a freezer. Needless to say, the results are delicious.

Options available include Spritz, Strawberry Mojito and Lemon Colada, all made with top-notch booze and mixers. As the ultimate indulgence, these frozen delights are tough to beat.

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Finding great alcoholic ice lollies isn’t always easy. As anyone who’s ever tried to make their own knows, it’s not a straightforward process.

However, these options all but guarantee a hugely enjoyable summer afternoon. If you’re in any doubt about the best alcoholic ice lollies, look no further than this selection.