Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Food to take to Glastonbury – the festival essentials team Twisted pack


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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If you’re wondering what food to take to Glastonbury to fuel your weekend of debauchery then don’t worry, we have you covered. 

Yup, it’s hard enough to remember to pack enough clean socks for a six day festival, let alone making sure you’ve got a healthy amount of snacks stashed away to satisfy every craving.

Whether you’re looking for something at least semi-nutritious to wake you up in the morning, some carbs to satiate the hangover or sweets for when you need a sugar high, there’s an art to packing the perfect Glastonbury snack selection.

food to take to glastonbury

What have you packed for Glasto this year? (Credit: Getty)

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Food to take to Glastonbury

Of course, the food at Glastonbury is pretty incredible in its own right, but it helps save the pennies (and time queueing) to have some grub on hand in your tent, too.

So, team Twisted has pulled together a guide of festival food must-haves.

If you only bring this lot with you, you’ll be grand….

Spencer – bitesize blocks of Jelly

food to take to glastonbury

Spencer likes raw jelly (Credit: Getty)

Hugh – a Kendal Mint Cake

food to take to glastonbury kendal mint cake

Hugh opts for the original energy bar (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Creative culinary lead, Hugh, recommends the practical choice – a Kendal Mint Cake.

“Glasto is an endurance sport not a sprint,” he explains. “These bad boys are known as the OG energy bars, and are a popular choice with walkers and mountain climbers due to their high glucose levels.

“And you’re gonna be needing that energy when you’re trudging up the hill to Arcadia at god knows what hour!”

Lauren – a stash of crisp sandwiches

food to take to glastonbury crisp sandwich

Lauren opts for a crisp sandwich every time (Credit: Getty)

Harry – a Costco mini pastry platter

food to take to glastonbury kendal mint cake

A bunch of mini pastries will make you the envy of all your mates (Credit: Getty)

Videography manager Harry swoops in with a very strong suggestion – a Costco mini pastry platter.

“Packing this means every morning I can have a continental breakfast,” he explains.

“Croissants, Pain au Chocolat, a Danish… you name it, you’ve got it.

“You can also share this with your mates which will make for some very happy campers. What better way to start the day?”

Murray – a cheeseboard (aka Babybel and crackers)

food to take to glastonbury babybel

Cheese and crackers but festival edition (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Senior videography executive, Murray, likes to keep it classy with a cheeseboard. Well, okay, a cheeseboard of sorts.

“A Babybel and crackers makes me feel posh when I want an amuse bouche with a warm can of beer,” he says.

“Naturally, you need to be eating these pretty early into the festival because… well, it’s cheese. But the wax shell and some shade should keep you golden for at the first day.

“Bring a cool box if you want to diversify the cheese collection. Start your festival bouji and give it a go!”

Matt – cereal

food to take to glastonbury cereal

Cereal is another festival must-have (Credit: Getty)

Senior edit executive Matt opts for cereal… a very practical shout.

“Cereal is an essential festival snack,” he says. “If you’re feeling really organised you can even buy milk from the Co-op on site and enjoy it with that for breakfast, but honestly, I just prefer a few dry handfuls throughout the day.

“It has to be specific… we’re not having the plain Cornflakes. My pick would probably be a Honey Nut Cheerio because it’s sweet, crunchy and easy to pick at, but the cereal aisle is your oyster.”

Alice – Frubes

food to take to glastonbury yogurt yoghurt frubes

Yoghurt is always a good way to start the day (Credit: Frubes)

Senior creative producer, Alice, favours a Frube yoghurt to keep her going at a festival.

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