How to get a KFC black card – one of the Colonel’s best kept secrets

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Figuring out how to get a so-called KFC black card – and with it, an unending supply of free chicken – is at the top of every fried food fan’s bucket list.

The KFC black card is basically the fast food equivalent of the One Ring – an item so powerful that it could reshape our entire understanding of the industry.

However, getting your hands on a black card is much more complicated than simply turning up and asking for one. For frustrated and hungry fast food fans everywhere, here’s everything you need to know…

How to get a KFC black card The KFC black card is a notorious fast food item (Credit: Twitter/James Spratt)

What is a KFC black card?

The mysterious KFC black card is essentially a ticket to free fried chicken.

According to reality TV star, Joey Essex, the card itself is made of pure metal and entitles the holder to £200 of free food every single day. As he explained in an interview on This Morning, the card particularly comes in handy on dates.

Relaying an experience in 2017, Essex revealed: “I’ve got a black card – it’s metal and everything – and you get £200 a day on it. So I’m just wallop and give them this card and getting bare KFC everywhere.”

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Unlike other KFC membership programmes, such as The Colonel’s Club, the black card isn’t purchasable at any store. Instead, holders have to be specially selected or win one in an exclusive competition.

Either way, getting hold of one is incredibly difficult, even for those in the know. If you do manage to source a black card, however, the rewards are clearly very impressive.

KFC black card According to Joey Essex, a Black card provides £200 of KFC per day (Credit: Alamy/Yau Ming Low)

How to get a KFC black card

Joey Essex’s story seems to suggest that getting a KFC black card is related to celebrity status.

However, if you’re not incredibly famous, there are other ways to source one of the notorious cards.

For instance, back in 2019, Call of Duty partnered up with KFC, pledging to provide a black card to one of 16 content creators after an intense Blackout tournament.

Dubbed the KFCRoyale, the event also provided £50,000 in cash, as well as the chance for ordinary members of the public to play with some of the best CoD gamers on the planet.

Chances like this clearly do not come around very often. However, it does prove that even if you aren’t as connected as former TOWIE star Essex, you can still get your hands on a KFC black card.

Joey Essex black card Joey Essex is one of the only confirmed black card holders (Credit: Alamy/Visages Celebres)

Who has a KFC black card?

Other than Essex, the elite list of KFC black cardholders remains a closely guarded secret.

After the aforementioned Call of Duty tournament, YouTube star James Spratt became one of the very few other people known to own a black card.

In a video posted to the KFC Gaming YouTube channel, the brand explained how Spratt’s card entitles him to free chicken at any restaurant in the country. However, it’s not just famous faces in E-sports and reality TV who form the club.

For instance, according to LinkedIn, a coding architect at KFC is also a black card holder, suggesting that employees are also in with a chance of getting their hands on a card.

Whether or not the LinkedIn claim is real remains to be seen. However, it does give the rest of us hope that cards can be more than just a pipe dream.

KFC black card free A black card isn’t the only way to claim free KFC (Credit: Alamy/Cum Okolo)

How else can I get free KFC?

The sad truth is that KFC black cards remain out of reach for most of us. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to claim free food from the franchise.

For instance, the best way for average fans to enjoy a freebie is via the KFC Colonel’s Club scheme.

Available through a special app, membership of the Colonel Club essentially allows you to stack up points with every KFC purchase which can then be redeemed in exchange for free food and drink.

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The KFC website explains: “The Colonel’s Club has three simple levels of rewards; 3, 7, and 11. Each time you earn these stamp milestones you will be rewarded with a free KFC item. When you earn 3 stamps The Colonel will give you a free item.”

Customers can choose from prizes including hot wings, popcorn chicken and burgers.

Admittedly, this is not as glamorous as slapping a metal card on the table and walking away with the entire menu. On the other hand, any excuse for free chicken is too good to turn down, whatever the context.