Where to watch the Euro 2020 final in London – 10 incredible food spots screening England vs Italy

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Many are wondering where to watch the Euro 2020 final in London after England’s incredible victory against Denmark on Wednesday (July 7).

But finding a suitable venue to enjoy football’s imminent repatriation is no easy task. After all, you don’t want to accidentally ruin what might be one of the greatest nights ever.

This is where we come in.

where to watch the Euro 2020 final in London Figuring out where to watch the Euro 2020 final in London (Credit: Alamy/VV Shots)

Where to watch the Euro 2020 final in London

Fortunately, London has no shortage of awesome food spots that also happen to be a great place to watch the game.

Whether your preference is for something slightly civilised, or you just want to hurl a pint at someone, this list has you covered.

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Here are our top 10 picks for the best place to watch the Euro 2020 final in London with a plate of something delicious.

1. Faltering Fullback

Finsbury Park’s iconic boozer is a legendary sport’s venue. Despite being best-known for rugby screenings, the Fullback also caters for football fans. With its Lothlorien-esque garden and massive main hall, the pub is hugely popular on match days throughout the year.

If you get hungry, customers can either order takeaway straight to the restaurant, or sample some of the delicious in-house Thai food. Both are great options.

2. Box Park

Box Park’s various locations across London (including Croydon, Shoreditch and Wembley itself) are probably more well-known for viral videos of flying pint glasses than food. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t deliver on both fronts.

All venues are replete with delicious street food options to keep you going on match day. With burgers, burritos and everything in between as well as beer, you certainly won’t go hungry.

3. The Coppermill

If you prefer a more traditional matchday atmosphere, Walthamstow’s The Coppermill is as good a place as any to soak it up.

A lively local favourite, the pub also boasts a great menu, complete with burgers, hot dogs and, of course, great beer. For people who don’t want to overcomplicate their footie, The Coppermill is a solid bet.

4. Vinegar Yard

Picking up from the popularity of Box Park, Vinegar Yard is a more central alternative. The main area, complete with a massive screen, is obviously ideal for viewing, but the food on offer also delivers by the bucket-load.

If watching England end 55 years of hurt with Indian-inspired burgers, pizza and deep-fried mac and cheese bites sounds like your cup of tea, Vinegar Yard might well be up your street.

5. Bar Kick

As its name suggests, Bar Kick is a shrine to all things football. Specialising in table football, the Shoreditch venue is also a great place to watch matches throughout the year.

On top of the beer and bar room games, Kick also offers burgers, fried chicken and loaded fries. Plus, the kitchen also offers some incredible condiments, including sriracha ketchup and jalapeno & chive mayo.

6. Flat Iron Square

Tucked away in the heart of Southwark, Flat Iron Square is a hidden gem in central London. Much like Vinegar Yard and Box Park, the venue offers a large screen for viewing, plus a range of great food options.

Possibilities include tacos, nachos, plus an extensive range of great cocktails.

7. The Three Compasses

Much-loved Dalston pub The Three Compasses is, in many ways, one of the most traditional options on this list. However, what really makes it a must-visit for food-lovers is its ever-changing line-up of incredible restaurant residencies.

Currently behind the pass is incredible Hackney burger specialist Filthy Buns, touted by many as some of the best burgers in the borough.

8. Costa del Tottenham

A gloriously gaudy North London fixture, Costa del Tottenham is fully embracing its 90s aesthetic for the summer. The venue boasts big screens, great food and booze – what more could you want?!

The menu includes a range of delicious options, such as Japanese street food and top-notch pizza. It really does cater for every taste.

9. The Coal Hole

As all Londoners know, finding somewhere decent to watch football, eat and drink in central London can be a nightmare. Fortunately, The Coal Hole ticks all these boxes.

Housed in the former cellar of the Savoy, the surroundings are surprisingly atmospheric for a boozer off the Strand. Plus, classic British pub grub is perfect for easing hungry tummies.

10. Pappagone

Given Sunday’s opponents, it wouldn’t be right to not include an option for the Italian faithful. To this end, England supporters will probably do well to steer clear of Pappagone in Stroud Green on Sunday night.

The pizzeria-come-bar serves some of the most delicious and generous Italian food in the city. However, it also boasts a febrile, highly partisan pro-Italian atmosphere on match days.

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Of course, many of us watching will be far too nervous to eat properly on Sunday evening. English football matches have a habit of ruining the appetite.

Nonetheless, it’s good to know that if you do get peckish, there are plenty of tasty options on the table.