Gordon Ramsay is launching a new cookbook packed with delicious recipes you can make in just 10 minutes

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Gordon Ramsay has a reputation for creating extremely complicated and time-consuming recipes. Anyone who’s ever tried to recreate his signature beef wellington knows that it’s not a one-pot wonder.

However, despite his tendency towards the over-elaborate, Ramsay isn’t above making things simple.

In fact, for his brand new recipe book, the volatile chef has dispensed with fine-dining frippery in favour of something much more restrained. The results will excite food fans everywhere…

Gordon Ramsay cookbook The new Gordon Ramsay cookbook is coming out in October (Credit: Amazon)

New Gordon Ramsay cookbook

During lockdown, Ramsay entertained himself and his millions of social media followers with a series of food challenges. These challenges involved Ramsay attempting to recreate a classic dish in just 10 minutes.

Recipes included fish and chips, burgers and sticky toffee pudding. Some efforts were more successful than others. Now, in honour of these videos’ popularity, Ramsay is releasing an all-new 10-minute cookbook.

The new book, dubbed “Ramsay in 10: Delicious Recipes Made in a Flash”, is set to come out this October and is currently available for pre-order. 

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According to the description, each recipe includes handy shortcuts, tips for reducing prep time and general advice on how to create delicious dishes as quickly as possible. As Ramsay himself explained:

“When I’m shooting Ramsay in 10, I’m genuinely full of excitement and energy because I get to show everyone how to really cook with confidence.”

It might be unusual territory for Ramsay, but it certainly sounds exciting for us regular cooks.

Gordon Ramsay Gordon Ramsay has made a series of hit videos over lockdown (Credit: Alamy/Jeremy Sutton Hibbert)

Ramsay 10-minute challenge

While lockdown has obviously been difficult for the entire food industry, Ramsay’s 10-minute challenge videos have been a genuine highlight.

Throughout the course of the pandemic, the Hell’s Kitchen host has been a major source of entertainment. What makes them particular reassuring, however, is that Ramsay regularly falls short, failing to hit the 10-minute timer.

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However, as Ramsay himself explains in his statement about the new book, the timer itself is actually pretty arbitrary. As he puts it:

“It doesn’t matter if it takes you 10 minutes, 12 minutes or even 15 minutes, to me, it’s about sharing my 25 years of knowledge, expertise and hands-on experience, to make everyone feel like better, happier cooks.”

Undoubtedly many fans will still be extremely excited to put Ramsay’s positivity about his fast food to the test.