McDonald’s Monopoly is finally returning to the UK – and fans are seriously excited

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

McDonald’s Monopoly is officially returning to the UK, much to the delight of fans of fast food, boardgames and free stuff.

The wildly popular annual promotion, which was seriously restricted by the pandemic, is set to make a roaring comeback in the UK, according to a new announcement from McDonald’s HQ.

If you were looking for a reason to feast exclusively on Big Macs and McNuggets, this news might just be the greenlight you need.

McDonald's Monopoly McDonald’s Monopoly is returning to the UK this summer (Credit: Alamy/CocoJones)

McDonald’s Monopoly is back

The restaurant group confirmed the news in a tweet sent early this afternoon. McDonald’s posted a teasing clip, featuring the top-hatted silhouette of the Monopoly man, to their Twitter feed.

This was accompanied by the caption, “The news you’ve all been waiting for… Monopoly returns Summer 2021”. Predictably, the internet has now gone into meltdown.

After just over an hour, excited fans had already shared and retweeted the news hundreds of times. Most were just as enthusiastic as you might expect.

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One Twitter user wrote: “McDonald’s monopoly coming back omg yes”. Another added: “McDonald’s announcing that their monopoly is coming back this summer has made my day!” 

The promotion has been an extremely popular fixture in the calendar for several years.

Over that period, the company has given out millions of different prizes, ranging from free food to cars.

The prize list for 2021 is currently unknown. However, after a year’s absence, fans will certainly be hoping that the potential winnings are as exciting as ever.

McDonald's Monopoly prizes McDonald’s Monopoly prizes can include everything from cars to games consoles (Credit: Alamy/Coco Jones)

Has anyone ever won McDonald’s Monopoly?

Part of what makes the McDonald’s promotion so exciting is that you genuinely can win some pretty cool stuff.

Typically, prizes often include free portions of McDonald’s food, such as French fries and burgers. However, rarer items can range all the way up to games consoles, and even large cash sums.

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According to the McDonald’s website: “In 2018, a whopping 8,006,175 prizes were claimed, including 6 Mini Coopers, three £100k prizes, two £25k prizes and a Universal holiday.”

Following the year we’ve had, it’s no wonder that everyone is so on board with the idea. A free car will certainly help make a compromised summer seem slightly easier to stomach.