Aldi’s festive creme liqueur tastes like Terry’s chocolate orange

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

If you’re in the process of stocking up your drinks cabinet for Christmas, then might we suggest you head over to Aldi?

Yup, as well as a ridiculously good food range – starring a pigs in blankets stuffed Yorkshire ‘pud and even a festive pizza – the supermarket’s festive alcohol range is also not to be sniffed at.

For one, their chocolate orange creme liqueur is returning to shelves, and in case you haven’t tried it before, it tastes just like Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Drool.

aldi chocolate orange creme liqueur

Aldi’s chocolate orange creme liqueur is a hit (Credit: Aldi)

From Aldi’s own alcohol brand, Ballycastle, the Chocolate and Clementine Liqueur costs just £7.49 for a 70cl bottle, and is flavoured like everyone’s favourite stocking filler, with rich, creamy notes of chocolate and sweet and festive clementines complimenting each other, perfectly.

The drink was a massive hit last year, flying off shelves over the run-up to the holidays. It’s limited edition, and only available over the festive season, so if you want to give it a try then we’d suggest grabbing it now.

This isn’t the only creme liqueur worth stocking up on at Aldi. In fact, the supermarket dropped the chocolate orange drink alongside a variety of other festive tipples back in September.

Aldi’s Chocolate, Caramel & Hazelnut Cream Liqueur is another hit in the collection. Need we tell you what those flavours instantly remind us of? Yup, the Quality Street Purple One, of course…

creme liqueur

Stock up your liqueurs this Christmas (Credit: Aldi)

According to Aldi, the new cream liqueur tastes of toasted nuts, creamy milk chocolate and rich, sweet caramel.

Inspired by the popular cocktail, you can also get your hands on an Espresso Martini Cream Liqueur, made with a blend of alcohol, double cream, and aromatic coffee.

And that’s not all. Sweet toothed shoppers can also order the Ballycastle White Chocolate Cream Liqueur in stores and online now.

What a selection, ey?

aldi ballycastle

Aldi’s new cream liqueur range is festive AF (Credit: Aldi)

If all these flavours have got you feeling Christmassy, you can even pick up Ballycastle crackers to call in the holidays.

The crackers come packed with all four liqueur flavours – because, let’s face it, a mini cream liqueur bottle is far superior to a joke and a plastic nail clipper or a screwdriver, isn’t it?

We can’t wait to tuck into these…is it Christmas yet?