Aldi launches new gold leaf gin in a Christmas tree bottle

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It’s time we accept it – Aldi are officially the best at festive tipples.

If Quality Street and Terry’s Chocolate Orange flavoured creme liqueurs weren’t enough, they’ve also dropped a gold flake gin in stores, and it comes in a cute little Christmas tree shaped bottle, too.

The drink comes from the supermarket’s own Infusionist brand, and costs £13.99 for a 50cl bottle.

The Morello Cherry Gold Flake Gin is flavoured with, (you guessed it), Christmassy Morello cherries and real flakes of gold, just to make your festive drinking a little more special.

Aldi light up gin

Aldi’s light-up gin is a Christmas must-have (Credit: Aldi)

Aldi suggest you serve the Morello Cherry Gin over ice with tonic, to “lift” the flavours, and they also advise that you garnish your drink with an additional fresh cherry.

Imagine what a treat this would be to serve to guests on Christmas Day!

Not only is the bottle Christmas tree shaped, but it also lights up (ahem, a little bit like a bottle from a certain high-street competitor).

Whilst you’re down Aldi’s booze aisles, you can also top up on Infusionist’s Blackberry and Blueberry Gold Flake Gin Liqueur (also 50cl and costing £13.99).

aldi christmas gins 2022

Aldi’s Christmas gin range is quite impressive this year (Credit: Aldi)

This comes in a bottle in the shape of a star, and Aldi advise you “sip it neat with a mince pie or with chilled Prosecco.” Delish.

Of course, there is plenty more to drink if gin isn’t your thing, like their Winter Berry Bucks Fizz (£2.79), or a bottle of Blanc de Blanc 2015 Vintage Champagne (which costs just £21.99).

The Ballycastle creme liqueurs (also supermarket own brand) are seriously delicious, too, whether you’re after Chocolate, Caramel & Hazelnut flavour, Chocolate and Clementine flavour or White Chocolate flavour to swig on after your Christmas dinner.

You can read more about those here.