Aldi launches Raspberry Ripple creme liqueur

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Aldi is fast becoming our favourite place to buy drinks from.

The supermarket chain has previously graced us with everything from budget gold leaf gin a creme liqueur that tastes like Quality Street’s ‘Purple One’. 

But now they’ve smashed it out the park yet again, with a springtime addition to its booze roster that is sure to be a massive hit.

The chain has only gone and created a Raspberry Ripple flavoured creme liqueur that’s inspired by the popular ice cream flavour.

Brb whilst we order 10 bottles immediately…

aldi ballycastle raspbery ripple creme liquer

Don’t mind if we do (Credit: Aldi)

The drink, named Ballycastle Raspberry Ripple Irish Cream, is made with double cream and you can expect fruity notes of raspberry and sumptuous vanilla flavours throughout.

If you fancy stocking up on the stuff – and frankly, who wouldn’t? – you can grab a bottle of it for a very reasonable £7.49 online or in stores.

The tipple will be available in stores from 13th March, so you only have a couple of weeks’ wait until you can get your hands on it.

There are loads of other bangers on their shelves if you can’t wait that long, including their classic Ballycastle Irish Creme Liqueur which will set you back under a fiver (£4.69) – can’t argue with that, can you?!

aldi ballycastle raspbery ripple creme liquer

The liqueur tastes like raspberry ripple ice cream (Credit: Alamy)

To give you some context, a bottle of regular Baileys costs around £22 on average, so you really are getting an indisputable bargain.

The supermarket regularly launches beverages for a limited time. Just last month, it dropped a Red Velvet Creme Liqueur in time for Valentine’s Day, and it actually tasted like the cake but in liquid form.

We can’t think of anything we’d rather be gifted by bae, tbh…

Whilst we’re talking about Aldi’s alcohol supply, did you know that they’re currently looking for a wine taster to sample their new range?

Yep, the budget supermarket’s Wine Club is in session again, and it is looking for 30 participants to sample its new range and give honest feedback.

aldi wine club

Free wine? I’m listening (Credit: Aldi)

Those who are recruited will receive three bottles of the supermarket’s award-winning wine and will be tasked with drinking it over a six-week period (but nobody will judge if it disappears a lot quicker…)

The wine drinkers will be asked to review the bottles on Instagram and Twitter, using the #AldiWineClub hashtag.

And the best part is the wine is completely free. It’s a hard life, ey?

Each bottle of wine will come with tasting notes from Sam Caporn, Mistress of Wine and the head of the Aldi Wine School, and she will also include some expert tips on how to taste the wine properly.

You’ll pretty much be a bonafide wine taster by the end…

Fancy applying to the Aldi wine school? You can learn how here.