Americans burst out into their national anthem while food shopping – and the reaction from Brits is hilarious

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An impromptu display of patriotism is confusing Brits after footage from inside an American supermarket on Independence Day went viral this weekend.

The clip, which shows a gaggle of food shoppers joining forces to recite The Star-Spangled Banner has been described in moving terms by many viewers.

However, British observers seem incredibly bemused by the spectacle, causing a divide online.

National anthem food shopping The now-notorious video clip features shoppers at a Texas Walmart (Credit: TikTok/raised..right)

Americans sing the national anthem while food shopping

In the video dozens of individual food shoppers appear to simultaneously stop mid-grocery run, place their hands over their hearts and burst into a rendition of the American national anthem.

Recorded at a branch of Walmart in Haslet, Texas, this Fourth of July, the clip was posted by TikTok user @raised..right. In a caption accompanying the clip, the poster wrote: “Very Patriotic scene in the haslet, Tx. Walmart 7/3/21 someone started singing the National Anthem and people joined in.”


The video is certainly a hit on social media. Since it appeared, the footage has racked up over 1.3 million views on TikTok alone. Several thousands of people have also expressed their support for the customers.

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One commenter wrote, “Happy Independence Day! Love you beautiful deplorable patriots!”

Another added: “This is amazing! We need to see more of this!”

Clearly, there are plenty of people fully on board with spontaneous Walmart acapella.

Independence day The impromptu display of patriotism is raising some eyebrows (Credit: Alamy/Max4e Photo)

‘We do this all the time in Swansea’ – Brits react

While there were plenty of positive responses online, one set of viewers who remain unconvinced are the British.

Several baffled commentators couldn’t help highlighting that the spectacle would be incredibly unlikely in any British store. For instance, as one TikTok user put it: “We do this all the time in Swansea especially in Asda.”

Another added, “Imagine us belting out ‘oh flower of Scotland’ in the specialbuys section of @AldiUK on St. Andrew’s day.”

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However, while Brits seem typically sceptical of the display, they aren’t the only cynics. Several American-based viewers, for instance, declared that the whole thing seemed a little forced.

One doubter declared, “Not even gonna lie, this is super strange.”

Another went even further, adding, “I’m getting North Korean vibes from this”.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of national pride. However, as the divisive reaction to this video proves, there’s a time and a place for patriotism.