Bounty-only Celebrations boxes teased ahead of Christmas

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Are you the person who eats all the lingering Bounty chocolates out of the Celebrations box when your family have shunned them?

Perhaps there are never any left behind, because they’re always the first chocolate you go for?!

Well, if that’s the case then listen up, because rumour has it you’ll soon be able to buy a tub of Celebrations with only Bounty chocolates in it.

It’s a controversial move, but one that’ll excite as many people as it’ll anger…

The news hasn’t officially been confirmed by Mars Wrigley yet, but it’s been leaked by Instagram food blog, @UKSnackAttack. 

“BOUNTY LOVERS REJOICE! We are soon to be getting a new box!,” the account teased.

Referencing last year’s drama, when shoppers could opt for boxes of Celebrations without any of the coconutty chocolates in it, they added: “Gone are the days of Bounty free celebrations, as now you can go and get yourself a BOUNTY ONLY BOX!⁣”

How times have changed.

bounty only chocolate bar

The Bounty only Celebrations box is rumoured to be landing (Credit: Getty)

The news is still rumoured, and the account does add a caveat that the information they receive isn’t always correct.

However, we think they’re pretty trustworthy, having previously broken the news of White Chocolate Digestives and Giant Jammie Dodgers

We’ve reached out to Mars for confirmation of the leak, and to request further info on where you’ll be able to get the boxes and when they’ll be available.

Reacting to the news, some people were certainly excited.

“That’s my kind of box,” said one person in the comments.

Whilst another wrote: “yessss. ALL OF THE BOUNTYS!”

“Spotted today. My fave,” chimed in a third.

However, we can safely assume that not everybody would be so thrilled to receive one of these at Christmas.


When Mars announced Bounty-free boxes last year, loads of people were pretty buzzing about the decision.

In fact, at the time it was revealed that 40 percent of the public thought that it should be banished for good.

Well, this new box is for the other 60 percent, we guess (we’re amongst ’em).