People are selling Bounty chocolates on eBay after Celebrations cull

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We can hardly keep up with all the drama that’s coming from Mars Wrigley at the moment.

To the disappointment of many, the confectionary company made the controversial decision to drop Bounty bars from select boxes of Celebrations, after 39 percent of the public claimed they wanted it banished from their tins. 

And it’s safe to say that people are losing it. Case in point? They’ve even resorted selling Bounty chocolates on eBay at a ridiculous mark-up.

Three Bounty minis are currently listed at a whopping pound a pop, which is ridiculous seeing as a 380g tub of Celebrations costs £4.

We mean, would you fork out a quarter of the price of a tub of Celebrations for one *solitary* little Bounty?!

It’s worse still, as two of the listings are charging £2.75 for deliver the solitary coconut filled choccy, whilst another is demanding £2.05.

That means you’re almost paying the price of a full Celebrations tub for one tiny chocolate. We literally cannot cope.

The most absurd part of all of this is that a full sized Bounty bar will cost you not much more than 50p. So, why anyone thinks they can flog a tiny one for a pound is beyond us.

bounty celebrations

Bounty is getting binned from select Celebrations tubs (Credit: Alamy)

Thankfully, the public seems to have maintained enough sanity not to bid on any of the Bountys, yet, but who knows what will happen as hysteria grows?

The hilarious thing is that Bountys aren’t actually going anywhere for good, even though many people seem to think that they are.

You’ll still be able to get normal Celebrations tubs with the coconut filled choccies in place, there will just be an option to buy ‘No Bounty’ tubs in select Tesco stores from November 8th.

celebrations tub

You will still be able to get normal Celebrations tubs, too (Credit: Alamy)

The trial is running until December 18th, and the idea is that at select Tesco Christmas Market sites across the UK, you’ll be able to exchange tubs bought in store for a box containing zero Bounty bars and additional Milky Way, Snickers, Mars, Galaxy and Maltesers chocolates, instead.

So, basically, there’s no need to panic, and there’s DEFINITELY no need to spend a quid three quid on a miniature Bounty. Got it?!