Glastonbury hiding festival tickets in chocolate bars in Willy Wonka style giveaway

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Glastonbury Festival tickets are like gold dust. They’re infamously hard to snag and failing to do so leaves many broken hearted.

But this year the music festival is offering punters an extra way to try and bag a ticket. Yup, they’re going full on Willy Wonka on us.

Teaming up with ethical confectionary brand, Ton’s Chocolonely, Glasto has popped five pairs of tickets to the festival inside a bunch of limited edition chocolate bars.

Available at Oxfam stores up and down the country, the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style competition will then see people battling to snag the golden tickets before anyone else does.

Brb whilst we head down to our local Oxfam and buy the whole shop out…

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The tickets won will grant access to Worthy Farm for the whole weekend, and inside the chocolate bar will be a QR code and details on how to claim the prize.

There is some fine print, of course. You have to be aged 18 or over to take part in the giveaway (so, Augustus Gloop won’t be in the running for this one).

The lucky ticket holders will bag the opportunity to see Arctic Monkeys, Elton John, Lizzo and Guns N’ Roses headlining, alongside a bunch more incredible music acts.

glastonbury tonys chocolonely ticket competition oxfam

Fancy a pair of free Glasto tickets? (Credit: Alamy)

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It’s unsurprising that Glasto has chosen Tony’s to partner with on this competition, given the company’s emphasis on ensuring its chocolate is completely fairtrade and made from cocoa that hasn’t been harvested by enslaved people.

Dutch journalist Teun (Tony) van de Keuken started the company in 2005 after learning the shocking fact that most UK chocolate on shelves is made with cocoa which is harvested unethically.

Glastonbury itself has always placed a great emphasis on helping others and living ethically, and is involved in several charitable causes, so the collab makes total sense.

It goes without saying that all profits go to Oxfam, too. So, you’re donating to charity, buying yourself an ethical snack and potentially bagging the hottest festival tickets in the world.

Now what are you waiting for? Send this to all your mates looking for Glasto tickets (…or maybe don’t, we don’t want anyone else getting in the way of us winning!)