Iceland launches game-changing hash brown quarter pounders

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Iceland has done it again, folks. The frozen food giant has only gone and launched the biggest hash browns we’ve ever seen. They really are revolutionising our breakfast game.

Yup, the supermarket sent the internet into a flurry recently when people started to catch wind of its latest offering – hash brown quarter pounders.

Sharing news of the Iceland drop on social media, food blog NewFoodsUK wrote on Instagram: “Hash brown quarter pounders spotted online at Iceland!!”

And it’s safe to say that after stumbling across the post, people were more than a little eager to try them…

“Omg,” said one person, tagging a friend. “I think I need these in my life.”

Meanwhile, another wrote: “Look at that potatoey goodness.”

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“I’m all for thicccc hash browns (sic),” said another person in the comments.

“OMG! There is a god! These will definitely be on my death certificate,” said a fourth.

As a fellow shopper rightly pointed out: “The hash brown game this year is strong!!!”

The last comment was probably referring to the fact that these aren’t the only hash browns that have got people talking this year…

heinz baked beanz filled hash browns

Anyone remember these? (Credit: Heinz)


ICYMI, Iceland also sold hash browns stuffed with Heinz baked beans not long ago, and they were (predictably) an overnight hit.

After the blog posted the news of the hash brown quarter pounders, so many people flocked Iceland’s site that they completely sold out.

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We’ve reached out to Iceland’s rep to see when we can expect a restock, but in the meantime you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled in your local branch to see if you can spot any.

Imagine one of these in an Egg McMuffin… drool.