KFC drops new chicken nuggets in US – and the reviews are in

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KFC’s new chicken nuggets are the hot news on all fast-food lovers’ lips right now, and we can see why there’s a lot of hype.

The fried chicken chain doesn’t often drop a totally new menu item, and hasn’t sold anything resembling a chicken nugget for 25 years, so, you can imagine the excitement at their announcement that they’re back with a spanking new recipe.

Here’s everything we know about the KFC chicken nuggets, which join US menus nationwide.

kfc new chicken nuggets

Meet KFC’s new chicken nuggets (Credit: KFC US)

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What are the KFC new chicken nuggets?

The KFC new chicken nuggets are “nuggets like you’ve never had before,” according to the eatery themselves.

Colonel Sanders’ popular chain is framing its new chicken nuggets as an antidote to the “boring” ‘nugs already on the market, promising that they’re extra special because of their flavoursome and easily identifiable seasoning. Intriguing…

They’re “made with 100 percent white meat and hand-breaded with KFC’s unique original recipe of 11 herbs and spices that made the fried chicken chain famous,” according to a press release from KFC.

KFC state that they can be eaten as a full meal, an on-the-go snack, alongside a bucket meal or as an appetiser. How about the lot?!

Having landed on menus March 27th, we have a feeling they’re gonna be a hit.

KFC new chicken nuggets

The KFC new chicken nuggets are going to be a hit (Credit: Alamy)

What have KFC said about the new chicken nuggets?

“After a wildly successful test run in 2022 and years without a nugget made with the signature taste of KFC on menus, new Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets are making their way to KFC’s permanent menu at participating locations,” said KFC in a press release.

The chain added that “these chicken nuggets pack a powerful pop of flavour that can be enjoyed nationwide seven days a week.” Yes, please.

“As the original fried chicken experts, we’re introducing a chicken nugget made the way only KFC can – hand-breaded with our distinctive Original Recipe of 11 herbs and spices,” said Nick Chavez, CMO of KFC.

“Simply put, you’ve never had chicken nuggets like these – they’re the chicken nugget America deserves, and worth the wait. Now that’s Finger Lickin’ Good!”

Bit dramatic, but we love the enthusiasm!

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How much are chicken nuggets at KFC?

KFC has announced that its chicken nugget prices start at $3.49 (£2.85), but this can vary depending on the size of the portion you order.

If you are feeling hungry, you can also order bigger portions of nuggets in a pack of five, eight, 12 or 36 pieces, each for a bit more cash. You can also fork out for a combo meal which comes alongside fries, a biscuit and a medium drink.

The exact price of your KFC new chicken nuggets varies from branch to branch, so we’d suggest checking your nearest KFC here for more details.

What can you pair KFC chicken nuggets with?

KFC assures customers that the nuggets are perfectly delicious enjoyed on their own.

“Each juicy nugget is bursting with so much flavour it doesn’t require dipping,” the fast food chain explains. “Though that doesn’t mean you can’t!

“The new nuggets can be paired with any of your favourite KFC sauces”.

These include:

  • KFC Sauce
  • Honey BBQ
  • Classic Ranch
  • Honey Mustard
  • Buffalo Ranch
  • KFC Gravy
kfc new chicken nuggets

KFC sauce is a great accompaniment to the ‘nugs (Credit: KFC)

Of course, in truth you can pair your KFC nuggets with whatever you damn want. We’re not gonna tell!

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Are KFC new chicken nuggets coming to the UK?

Unfortunately for anybody from the UK (like us!), the KFC new chicken nuggets are currently only available across the US, in select branches.

The eatery hasn’t announced any plans for the ‘nugs to land over here, yet.

However, if they end up being a massive success in the States, we’d be surprised if they didn’t bring them over to hungry UK citizens at some point.

We’ve reached out to KFC to ask if they have any plans in the works…

Have chicken nuggets been on KFC menus before?

KFC has previously sold an iteration of a nugget before, but never chicken breast nuggets flavoured with KFC’s iconic herbs and spices, like these ones.

KFC’s Wiki recalls that the chain first brought out Kentucky Nuggets back in 1984, where they remained on the menu for over a decade.

Then, around 1996, when Crispy Strips arrived, the ‘nugs were phased out. Shortly afterwards, in 1998, Popcorn Chicken arrived and became a replacement for nuggets that has existed ever since.

As for Kentucky Fried nuggets like these? KFC says there’s a reason the recipe has taken 70 years to make, adding that they wanted to perfect the recipe.

kfc new chicken nuggets

KFC’s new chicken nuggets aren’t in the UK yet (Credit: KFC US)

Why did KFC launch new chicken nuggets?

When they were initially trialled last summer in Charlotte, North Carolina, KFC bosses admitted they were hoping to draw in a new bunch of younger customers with the launch of chicken nuggets.

“We’re targeting younger customers, like Gen Z and Millennials, who are interested in boneless chicken options,” said KFC spokesperson said to CNN about the launch. 

Chris Scott, head chef at KFC US, added to Yahoo Finance that the launch is “a really big deal”, which they hoped would introduce “a whole new generation to original recipe.”

Are the KFC new chicken nuggets replacing popcorn chicken?

KFC recently paired down its menu to make the customer experience more efficient, which meant waving goodbye to chicken wings, popcorn chicken, strawberry lemonade bevs, Nashville hot sauce and chocolate chip cookies.

Whilst the chicken nuggets haven’t been officially promoted as a replacement for the popcorn chicken, they do come very shortly after the popcorn chicken’s departure.

Plus, when the nuggets were trialled, reports did suggest that they could replace popcorn chicken with them.

We have no word from KFC on if that’s happening yet, but it might be fair to assume so…

What do people think of the KFC new chicken nuggets?

KFC has talked a big talk about its new chicken nuggets, but what’s the verdict? Well, so far, the response has been mixed.

Naturally, as soon as they dropped in stores, people were quick to go and try the ‘nugs and share their opinions on social media.

“Bruh they are chicken popcorn just bigger the size,” said one unimpressed customer on Instagram after the ‘nugs were announced.

Whilst another commented: “KFC getting rid of popcorn chicken and replacing it with bog standard chicken nuggets is a crime.”

“Tried the new nuggets today. Popcorn chicken will be sorely missed…,” said a third. 

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Others were more enthusiastic, though, with one writing: “@kfc you did not disappoint with your new chicken nuggets! Just got it today! Definitely finger lickin’ good!”

As a fellow fast-food fan agreed: “Had to get these for lunch. They’re a 10/10. Amazing.”

Whatever the reception, we can’t lie, we’re rather desperate to try these.

Petition for KFC to bring them over here, stat…