Marks and Spencer launches King Colin the Caterpillar for the Coronation

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If you ever wanted to keep on track of all the national holidays here in the UK, we’d suggest popping into your local Marks and Spencer and seeing what outfit Colin the Caterpillar is wearing.

He’s previously sported a new design for the Queen’s Jubilee, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s celebrations.

And now the folks at M&S have done it again, giving him a fresh get-up to mark King Charles’ official Coronation.

colin the caterpillar marks spencer ms

Colin the Caterpillar is marking the King’s Coronation (Credit: Marks and Spencer)

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Yup, the Coronation is taking place on Saturday May 6th, and to celebrate, Colin is being given a limited edition makeover.

He’ll sport white and milk chocolate jewels all over his body, a golden chocolate crown and red, white and blue edible confetti, in order to ensure he makes the perfect centrepiece for a right royal celebration.

As always, the cake comprises of a chocolate sponge roll, filled with a delicious chocolate buttercream and covered with a milk chocolate casing.

You can get your King Coronation Colin the Caterpillar in stores today, for £10.

Plus, you can also buy five limited edition mini Colins for £3.

colin the caterpillar coronation marks spencer ms

Colin the Caterpillar often gets a royal makeover (Credit: Alamy)

M&S always gets in the spirit to mark royal occasions, switching the cake for a caterpillar to a corgi to mark the Queen’s Jubilee last year.

The chain also turned Connie the Caterpillar (that’s Colin’s fictional girlfriend) into Her Maj herself. You can remind yourself of those designs here. 

This is the first Coronation of a monarch in the UK for 70 years, so there is no wonder M&S has pulled out the big guns.

Other Coronation food items hitting the shelves include honey roast ham sausage rolls and savoury pastries topped with little crowns and the ultimate Coronation Chicken Club Sandwich, perfect for marking the occasion on a busy lunchtime.

Of course, picnics wouldn’t be complete without their new Coronation Chicken flavoured crisps, too.

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colin the caterpillar coronation marks spencer ms

The whole M&S food range is getting a Coroantion makeover too (Credit: Marks and Spencer)

Plus, you can buy the likes of a Coronation Sponge Cake, Coronation Ale and Coronation Cuvee NV bubbly – they don’t miss a trick, do they?

Looks like our Bank Holiday picnic is shaping up nicely!