McDonald’s is giving away free chips today to celebrate National Fry Day

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McDonald’s is offering die-hard French fry fans the opportunity of a lifetime. As part of American National Fry Day celebrations, the restaurant is providing free portions of chips for one day only.

Excitingly, the enticing new deal also includes the chance to win free French fries for life.

Needless to say, the prospect of endless portions of everyone’s favourite fast food side dish is getting plenty of people seriously excited.

McDonald's French fries McDonald’s French fries are arguably fast food’s most famous side dish (Credit: Alamy/Quality Stock)

McDonald’s gives away free chips for National Fry Day

The new McDonald’s deal, dubbed World Famous Fan Day, is essentially hi-jacking the long-established National Fry Day celebrations.

In order to take advantage, fans must download the McDonald’s app in the US and opt into MyMcDonald’s rewards. Then, add the deal for medium fries to your cart and claim your prize from a restaurant near you.

However, there’s more to the deal than small freebies. In addition to offering free French fries through the MyMcDonald’s App, the mega-chain is also giving away one lifetime supply of French fries.

To put this into perspective, this prize is worth a whopping $19,685 (£14,205) to one lucky fan. That beats a solitary soggy portion of free chips every day of the week.

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According to Alycia Mason, McDonald’s USA vice president of digital customer experience and media, the appropriation of the existing National Fry Day festivities is just the company’s way of thanking its customers.

Mason explained in a statement: “We have the best fans in the world who deserve to unlock perks for their loyalty.

“That is why we are so excited to bring MyMcDonald’s Rewards nationwide and celebrate with all of our guests on World Famous Fan Day.”

In addition to the top prize, the restaurant is also giving away 66 sets of one million MyMcDonald’s rewards points, which can be spent on a range of food and drink items.

The competition will be taking place on twitter. According to the World Famous Fans website, entering simply consists of tweeting your affection for McDonald’s between July 13 and 20, and waiting to see if you get selected.

With $20,0000 worth of fries on the line, it promises to be a nervous wait.

McDonald's The free McDonald’s French fry promotion is taking place across the United States (Credit: Alamy/Jeffrey Isaac Greenberg 14+)

National Fry Day celebrations

The chance to win all the fries you could ever eat is clearly going to steal some National Fry Day headlines. However, McDonald’s isn’t the only restaurant with grand plans for the fake fast food holiday.

All across America, dozens of different chains are offering their own, admittedly less eye-catching offers.

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For example, Wendy’s is offering free large orders of French fries when ordering through the Wendy’s app. Similarly, Red Robin has an ongoing promotion providing unlimited refills on bottomless fries.

Admittedly, none of these deals are as exciting as $20,000-worth of free chips. However, it’s good to know that if you don’t make the McDonald’s cut, there are plenty of other places to drown your sorrows with potato.