McDonald’s Chicken Legend axed as new menu drops

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McDonald’s is dropping its new menu today, and there are some really exciting burgers, desserts and sides landing in branches around the country.

The bad news is, Maccies has had to get rid of some old favourites today (19th October) to make room for the new additions – including the Chicken Legend.

mcdonalds chicken legend

The Chicken Legend is leaving menus (Credit: McDonald’s)

Why is McDonald’s removing the Chicken Legend?

When the fast food giant announced the Chicken Legend was getting the chop last week, it’s safe to say there was some passionate reaction online.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY ARE GETTING RID OF THE CHICKEN LEGEND IN MCDONALDS,” exclaimed one frustrated customer when they heard the news. 

Whilst another rather furiously added: “McDonalds getting rid of the chicken legend is honestly the most ridiculous and disgraceful thing I’ve ever heard @McDonaldsUK you should be ashamed of yourselves!”

“McDonald’s know how to ruin my day taking the chicken legend off the menu,” chimed in a third. 

The Chicken Legend isn’t the only burger getting the chop, as Maccies is also saying adieu to the Big Tasty, which was available as a limited drop.

As gutting as the news is, it’s to make way for a brand new chicken burger, which is being added as a permanent fixture to the McDonald’s menu – the McCrispy.

What is the McDonald’s McCrispy?

mcdonalds mccrispy

McDonald’s has introduced a McCrispy burger to its menu (Credit: McDonald’s)

The McDonald’s McCrispy is the first new permanent burger Maccies has added to its menu in 15 years.

McDonald’s hasn’t launched a chicken burger on its menu permanently since the Chicken Legend, which dropped all the way back in 2007, so it’s a truly momentous day for chicken lovers everywhere.

You may have tried the McCrispy burger before, when it was introduced in a few select locations on a temporary basis, but now it’s back – and it’s back for good.

The McCrispy burger (£6.49) is made with a “crunchy 100 percent chicken breast fillet” which is marinated in black pepper and cayenne to give it a kick of spice.

It’s fried until crispy, garnished with salad and classic mayonnaise and served in a four inch “sweet, nutty” artisan glazed bun.

After launching a similar iteration of the chicken burger in Ireland and the Midlands, it was branded a certified hit, with many Maccies fans saying it was one of their favourite new additions yet.

So, don’t mourn the axed menu items too much, it sounds like this is a good’n.

What is on the McDonald’s new menu?

mcdonalds new menu

Yep, potato waffles are coming to your local Maccies (Credit: McDonald’s)

The McDonald’s new menu doesn’t just star the McCrispy, there are also four more new additions joining the mix.

For one, you can bag mini potato waffles on the breakfast menu, before 11am. Costing £1.39, the waffles come as a side, with three in a portion.

Alongside the waffles a BBQ Bacon Stack will be launching on the main menu for a limited time. This was hugely popular when it hit the menu last year, so we’re sure Maccies fans will be flocking to get it again.

The BBQ Bacon Stack (£6.89) is made with two beef patties, two slices of pepper jack cheese and bacon, topped with salad, onions and BBQ sauce.

And it’ll be joined by nacho cheese wedges with a sour cream dip (£2.19 and £5.99 for a sharer), which will be arriving as a brand new side, and a Twirl McFlurry, which is landing on the dessert menu (£1.19 for a mini and £1.69 for a regular).

Whilst you might be sad to say goodbye to the Chicken Legend, it’s safe to say the new additions more than make up for it.