You can now buy Milkybar Gold chocolate bars in Tesco

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Chocaholics, listen up.

Your snacking habits are about to change forever, because you can now buy Milkybar Gold chocolate in Tesco stores across the UK.

Yup, after launching to much acclaim in Australia last year, the new bar from Nestlé has made it over here – and we have a feeling it’s going to be a sellout.

It’s selling for £1.25 for an 85g sharing bar (but we won’t tell if you eat it all yourself…)

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Gold chocolate is white chocolate, caramelised milk and caramelised sugar mixed together, which – let’s face it – is rather a banging combination.

So, you can basically expect this Milkybar to taste like a caramel-flavoured version of its usual white chocolate bars. What’s not to love? 

When news of the new chocolate bar dropped online, it’s fair to say excitement ensued. 

“I need to find this Milkybar Gold,” said one. 

Whilst another wrote: “I’m deffo going Tesco [at] the weekend.”

Others suggested that the product might end up tasting like a Gold bar without the biscuit (which we can all agree is a heavenly thought).

milkybar gold chocolate bar

Gold chocolate is all the rage at the moment (Credit: Unsplash)

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The news comes after Milkybar released chocolate Milkybar Mini Eggs last year, which sit alongside several more spinoff products including Milkybar Cookies and Cream, Milkybar Whirl and Milkybar Hot Chocolate.

In other confectionary news, did you see that gold chocolate isn’t the only hype right now? Toblerone has only gone and released a pink chocolate bar, which is available now for a limited time.

The pink Toblerone bar is also made from white chocolate and flavoured with raspberries and strawberries. Obviously, the almond nougat still remains, because it wouldn’t be a Toblerone without that, would it? 

You can learn more about that here. Brb, we’re off to stock up on both.