You can now get a limited edition pink Toblerone bar for Valentine’s Day

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Toblerone is releasing limited edition pink chocolate bars, and they’re a proper Valentine’s treat. 

Yup, the Swiss chocolate brand has had a makeover and changed the colour of its popular chunky bar, offering up a rose tinted offering that is perfect for the one you love (or just for yourself – we won’t tell). 

The pink Toblerone bar is made from white chocolate and flavoured with raspberries and strawberries. Obviously, the almond nougat still remains, because it wouldn’t be a Toblerone without that, would it? 

toblerone pink chocolate bar valentines

Toblerone’s pink chocolate bar is here (Credit: Toblerone)

The chocolate bar isn’t cheap, coming in at a hefty £17, and it’s safe to say that whilst a lot of people are hankering for it, there are others who have raised an eyebrow.

£17 for a pink @Toblerone. Are they made by Dyson now?!,” said one on Twitter. 

Whilst another commented: “£17, though? No, not this time.”

If you are willing to fork out, there’s the option to personalise the packaging for your Valentine, in what Toblerone say is a bid to encourage customers to not ‘hold back on love’ this year. 

If you don’t have a Valentine to gift the bar to, Toblerone says it will help “make sure your life is sweet anyway.” That’s a deal we can get behind.

The new Toblerone is available via the chocolate brand’s official website, and comes as part of a push to encourage people to take the plunge this year.

The flavour joins classics like Milk, Dark, Crunchy Almond, White and Fruit and Nut, and whilst it’s only around for Valentine’s we can see it becoming hugely popular.

You might remember that Toblerone has added limited edition bars to its roster before. In fact, it was only last summer they dropped a gold Toblerone bar made with blond chocolate (which is basically caramelised white choc).

We’ve also been graced with the likes of a giant 4.5kg Toblerone – yup, you read that correctly.

A jumbo version of the distinctly shaped Swiss chocolate bar, with honey and almond nougat, was available at Costco stores up and down the UK at Christmas time, and set customers back a whopping £49.99.

Granted, £50 is a lot for a Toblerone, but it certainly has the wow factor, and it’s fair to say it got people talking. You can read more about that here.

In the meantime, we’ll be here pondering whether to fork out almost 20 quid on a pink Toblerone.