Pizza Hut just launched a pickle pizza in the US

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Pickle lovers…start your engines, because Pizza Hut has launched a new banger that is going to be everything you’ve ever wished for.

Yup, you read that correctly, a pickle pizza is hitting a Pizza Hut branch in the US, and it’s pretty much exactly as it sounds.

It’s made with a buttermilk ranch base, topped with cheese, breaded chicken breast and Nashville hot seasoning, and scattered with white onion and spicy dill pickles. Oooft.

pizza hut pickle pizza us

Pizza Hut’s pickle pizza is sure to be a crowd divider (Credit: Pizza Hut US)

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The pizza is only going to be available in Pizza Hut’s 932 8th Avenue branch in New York City at first, beginning from June 9th.

And you better be quick if you want to bag it, as it’s only being sold while supplies last, which they anticipate will be June 11th.

New Yorkers, go, go, go!

Reacting to the new launch, it’s safe to say that social media had some thoughts. 

“At what point does it become a criminal offence?,” wrote one person on Twitter.

Whilst another penned: “Yuck! That’s disgusting lol.”

“Ummm that’s a hard no,” said a third.

pizza hut pickle pizza us

The deal is available at a Pizza Hut branch in New York (Credit: Getty)

However, many more were much more keen.

Tagging Pizza Hut, one person warned: “If you do not start serving Pickle Pizza nationwide, my entire family will boycott Pizza Hut forever! I encourage you to do the right thing not just for me but for everyone.”

As another gushed: “The future is now.”

“Dinner tonight,” penned a third (they’ll have to wait ’til the 9th, but we love the enthusiasm).

“Building on the recent resurgence of pickles, Pizza Hut is taking this trend to new heights with its own twist on the pickle phenomenon by adding the sour, tangy food as a pizza topping,” Pizza Hut says in a statement.

We weren’t aware that pickles ever went anywhere,  but we’re happy that Pizza Hut is giving them the love they deserve.

pizza hut pickle pizza us

Fancy a slice? (Credit: Pizza Hut)

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“We’re always looking for innovative ways to add new tastes and textures to our dishes, and pickles have been gaining popularity due to their versatility,” says Penny Shaheen, Pizza Hut’s head of food innovation.

“With our new Pickle Pizza, we’re tapping into the latest food trends while also putting culinary thought into how they come to life on a pizza.

“Our recipe is all about great flavour, balancing the tanginess of pickles with other classic ingredients we know taste good on our beloved pizza.”

As for whether the pizza will make it to other branches of Pizza Hut, the chain told TODAY: “There is always a chance this will be brought nationally at a later date, guests can sign-up for Hut Rewards to stay tuned.”

Lets hope Pizza Hut bring this bad boy to the UK soon, too. In the meantime, you can make your own pickle pizza using Twisted’s recipe here.

Featured Image: Pizza Hut/ Getty Images