Apparently this plant-based salmon tastes just like the real thing

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You might remember us telling you about the plant-based poached eggs hitting restaurants around the States.

Well, if you thought the vegan innovation stopped there then think again, as a company has now invented an alternative to salmon which contains no fish whatsoever.

There are several vegan fish replacements on the high-street already, but according to New School Foods (the team behind this one), this ‘salmon’ tastes exactly like the real thing.

A bold claim indeed.

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new school foods plant-based salmon

New School Foods’ salmon is ridiculously convincing (Credit: New School Foods)

What sets it apart from the crowd is that it not only looks like salmon but cooks and flakes like it, too.

The product is being promoted as a sustainable alternative to the fish that vegans and non-vegans alike can enjoy.

It was created in Toronto, Canada, and is made with such fine attention to detail that it even duplicates ‘aligned muscle fibres, connective tissue, fats, and other components’.

Discussing the new product, New School Foods said: “We’ve recreated the structure of a salmon filet, including aligned muscle fibres, connective tissue, fats, and other components thanks to our proprietary muscle fibre and scaffolding technologies.”

The product is also high in protein and has the same amount of Omega 3 as wild salmon.

new school foods plant-based salmon

The salmon cooks and flakes like real salmon (Credit: New School Foods)

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The salmon alternative is certainly exciting, but we’ll have to wait a while before we can try it for ourselves.

It’s not yet available to buy in supermarkets, and whilst it is launching in North America later this year, it will only be select participating restaurants trialling the product originally.

Whilst they might not be serving salmon just yet, on the topic of vegan fish, there are plenty of eateries absolutely smashing the game across the UK right now.

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