A deep fried American cheeseburger just launched – and people are obsessed

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

An Australian restaurant is redefining decadence after introducing an entirely deep-fried burger to its menu.

Dandenong Pavilion in Victoria specialises in a delicious, yet relatively understated range of burgers. This new feature, however, is a completely different animal to what’s usually on the menu.

No wonder customers are seriously excited about giving it a go.

deep-fried cheeseburger The new dish features an entire deep-fried cheeseburger (Credit: Instagram/dpavilion)

Restaurant releases whole deep-fried cheeseburger

The new dish at Dandenong Pavilion is as impressive as it is intimidating.

Dubbed the Batter Up, the burger is ostensibly a “classic American cheeseburger with a twist,” according to the restaurant’s Instagram page.

In this case, the twist is the total coating of crispy batter, essentially turning the entire sandwich into an over-indulgent giant scotch egg.

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As Dandenong Pavilion explains on its Instagram, the dish also features “one beef patty, double cheddar cheese 🧀 , onion, pickles, tomato sauce & mustard in a toasted milk bun battered and deep-fried.” This is all accompanied by a portion of paprika salted chips.

The inclusion of a completely deep-fried sandwich represents a serious step change for the restaurant. In fact, Dandenong Pavilion has previously won the Best Burgers in Melbourne award in 2015/16.

If nothing else, this show’s that there’s more to the menu than the occasional calorie bomb.

However, the introduction of the Batter Up proves that there’s a serious appetite for ridiculous sandwiches, even if they only appear every once in a while.

‘Ohhhh mumma’ – fans react to the burger

Predictably, the fan response to the sandwich is seriously excited.

As one fan on Instagram wrote, “Looking forward to this.” A second simply added, “Ohhhh mumma”. Clearly, people are on board with the concept.

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One customer went even further, using the new sandwich as an opportunity to throw down the gauntlet to another of Australia’s most popular burger spots. As they commented, “Looks great! @rudeboyburger whatchya think? 😜 must i go decide whose is better!!??

“They went the extra mile deep-frying whole damn thing.”

As social media proves, there is no shortage of indulgent burger options available in the modern fast food scene. By deep-frying the entire bun, however, Dandenong Pavilion really is raising the game for everyone else.