We tried The Rock’s cheat-day pancake recipe and it was pretty mind-blowing

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Like everything else about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, his pancake recipe is big, bold, and extremely intimidating. As opposed to the delicate crepes you might be more familiar with, these treats look and feel like an Olympic discus.

If, however, you’re in the mood for a challenge and fancy a breakfast that will either leave you with chronic indigestion, in need of a small nap, or both, these coconut and banana pancakes might be the dish for you.

To see whether The Rock’s notorious breakfast feast really is as OTT as it seems, we decided to take the pancakes for a test drive. Needless to say, the results were both mouthwatering and slightly scary.

The Rock's pancake recipe Pancakes are one of The Rock’s favourite cheat meals (Credit: Instagram)

The Rock’s pancake recipe

What really sets this pancake recipe apart is the inclusion of banana and coconut. Unlike typical crepes, the batter itself includes a combination of coconut water, milk and desiccated pieces, with a sprinkle of mashed bananas added for good measure.

The result is a soft and spongey American style pancake that packs a serious amount of flavour.

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For the purposes of our experiment, we decided to follow the instructions shared by The Rock’s personal chef, Chef Puttie. According to her, the key is to combine two separate bowls – one with wet ingredients and the other with dry.

The recipe itself, which uses more ingredients than many pancake lovers will be used to is actually relatively simple.

Simply mix flour, baking powder, sugar, salt and dry coconut in one bowl. Then, in another, combine melted coconut oil, butter, eggs, coconut water and coconut milk with a little vanilla extract.

Bring the whole lot together, and you have your batter.

When it comes to cooking, simply heat a non-stick frying pan with a little grease (we used butter), and add a cup of batter to the pan one at a time. The result should yeild about six, seriously sizeable pancakes.

The Rock's pancake recipe The Rock’s pancake recipe is pretty damn good (Credit: Twisted)

Our verdict

Although the clumpy batter looks a little suspect to begin with, there’s no doubt that these pancakes deliver on flavour.

The coconut in the batter itself brings a real depth of flavour, while the banana adds a fruity breakfast punch. However, be in no doubt, these treats are filling with a capital “F”.

In terms of toppings, we went for straight maple syrup, with a couple reserved for peanut butter (as The Rock himself recommends). However, these pancakes would work really well with fruit, cream or even bacon as a salty side.

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Generally speaking, celebrity-endorsed internet hacks aren’t always the most delicious. However, when you mix The Rock’s love of pancakes with a professional chef’s know-how, it’s clear that you can still find some yummy things online.

Even though they could probably feed a small horse, The Rock’s pancakes get a firm thumbs up from us.