Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Americans are discovering people butter sandwiches and their reactions are mad


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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Imagine a world without butter… to be frank, we simply couldn’t.

But believe it or not, in America, they find it weird that we slather our sandwiches with the stuff. Yup, butter-less sarnies exist.

US TikToker Amanda Rollins, who goes by @americanfille on the video sharing app, was the one who pointed out she was a stranger to a buttery bap.

You can watch the vid below: 


Beurre it up baby 🧈😂 #frenchculture #frenchpeople #jambonbeurre #parisien

♬ original sound – Amanda Rollins

Of course, America is very large and this absolutely doesnt apply to everyone because it applies to Amanda.

However, comments on the video soon proved she wasn’t alone.

As Amanda filmed herself putting together a ham and cheese baguette, she told viewers: “It occurred to me that French people do something very weird with sandwiches that I think you guys would find strange so I wanted to share it with you.

“So this is butter…and what they do, it’s like a classic sandwich. It’s ham, cheese, and butter… No mayonnaise, no mustard, just butter.”

Sounds perfectly normal to us…

americans butter sandwich

Imagine a sarnie without butter (Credit: Getty)

Amanda did add that whilst the end result “sounds gross” (why?!), it was actually very nice (duh).

Reacting to the video, there was a mixture of confused fellow Americans and Europeans who were equally bamboozled at how much they were missing out.

As lifestyle page Pure Wow shared the vid on their own page with a response, someone wrote: “I am completely confused … why have Americans only just discovered THE MAIN USE OF BUTTER.”

Whilst another said: “WHAT IS GOING ON IS THIS A PRANK?”

“Uhm that’s literally how you do it in whole Europe,” said someone else.

As a fellow butter lover wrote: “Genuinely baffles me that anyone can eat a sandwich without butter.”

americans butter sandwich tiktok

Buttered sandwiches aren’t normal everywhere (Credit: Getty)

There were some American commenters who didn’t share Amanda’s stance.

“Maybe I’m from the wrong US cause ain’t no way I’m eating a butter less sandwich,” one said.

But others were with her…

“Can confirm. We do NOT put butter on sandwiches that aren’t being toasted. Like cheese toasties would be the only one we do that to,” a fellow American agreed.


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♬ original sound – PureWow

As another penned: “I’m from the states and we don’t do that.But to be honest. That’s probably a lot better and healthier than mayo. I’m gonna try that. Thanks for the tip.”


Anyway guys, if you’re from the States and you want a sandwich then please butter that bad boy up.

You won’t regret it…

Featured image: Getty/ TikTok: @americanfille

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