Will there be another series of Britain’s Best Home Cook and can I apply?

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After the success of the current series, many fans are wondering will there be another series of Britain’s Best Home Cook.

The 2021 show has certainly differed dramatically from the usual format. Issues with COVID, health and safety and isolation have meant that the series has had to adapt.

However, after the resounding success of the celebrity-stuffed third season, plenty of people are now hungry for more.

Will there be another series of Best Home Cook Fans are hoping there will be another series of Britain’s Best Home Cook (Credit: KEO)

Will there be another series of Britain’s Best Home Cook?

The BBC is yet to confirm if Britain’s Best Home Cook will return for a non-celebrity version this year – or in 2022.

Twisted reached out to the BBC for comment on whether there will, in fact, be a fourth Britain’s Best Home Cook series. Although we have yet to receive a reply, we will provide an update when any new information becomes available – so keep checking in.

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Clearly, a lot of the uncertainty has to do with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which is effecting reality TV shows across the board.

But given the huge success of Celebrity Best Home Cook, rumour has it that the Mary Berry-front show will be returning for another series.

Best Home Cook It’s unclear when the next series of Best Home Cook will air (Credit: BBC/KEO)

How can I apply?

Currently, applications for Britain’s Best Home Cook are closed.

However, you can expect them to open again as soon as the BBC is able to film the show safely.

According to information on the dedicated Best Home Cook website, set up by production company KEO Films, there are a few prerequisites to consider before filling out your Best Home Cook application.

For starters, all competitors have to be over 18, must have the right to work in the UK, and be able to commit to at least 24 days of filming.

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In addition, there is a list of personality attributes that producers will assess before deciding if you’re a suitable candidate. These include:

“cooking ability, culinary potential, enthusiasm, drive, personality, motivation and inspiration, age, geography, experience, skill, hobbies and other interests.”

How you rank on this list will determine whether you progress past the phone interview stage.

Although your skills in the kitchen are certainly important, there are by no means the only factor at play. At the end of the day, Best Home Cook is just as much about good telly as it is good cooking.

Best Home Cook The Best Home Cook presenters (Credit: BBC)

What do you win on Best Home Cook?

Despite occupying a prime time BBC spot, the Best Home Cook prize is disappointingly paltry.

In fact, according to the terms outlined by the production company, there is no official prize fund at all.

As stated on the KEO films website for the show, “No prize or reward (cash or otherwise) will be awarded to the competition winner or for participation in the programme.”

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This means that, other than the approval of Mary Berry, cooks go home empty-handed.

Furthermore, there’s every chance that you may end up out of pocket after appearing on Best Home Cook. As the terms and conditions make clear: “If invited to an audition (the production company) are unable to cover expenses at the initial stage.”

Although the company will reimburse you after a second audition, auditioning for Best Home Cook can be an expensive exercise.

Celebrity Best Home Cook lineup The prize on Best Home Cook isn’t substantial (Credit: BBC/KEO)

Where is Best Home Cook filmed?

Historically, filming for the show takes place between studios in London and a mansion in Berkshire. In the first two seasons, the chefs would all live together inside the house.

However, the approach was slightly different in the most recent series, for obvious reasons.

In 2021, filming for the show took place at the famous Pinewood Studios. According to the BBC, the original set couldn’t accommodate the new social distancing guidelines.

As a result, the crew needed to find a location that could cater for 10 celebrities, three judges and one Claudia Winkelman, all while keeping everyone two metres apart. It’s certainly a logistical headache, by any measure.