Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Mum sparks debate by not wanting to pay for non-vegan food at kid’s McDonald’s birthday


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

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A plant-based mum has sparked a debate online after questioning if it was acceptable to offer an ‘exclusively vegan’ meal at her kid’s birthday party.

The parent took to social media to ask fellow vegans for advice on her predicament.

“Can we talk about kids parties please?,” she said on the Vegan Food UK Facebook page.

vegan kids party food

The mum didn’t want to get the kids a meaty Happy Meal (Credit: McDonald’s)

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“My child is vegan and up to now we’ve been able to do bday parties with exclusively vegan food – been getting chips from the chippy to make chip butties – but they’re getting to the age where having a Maccy Ds or something like that would be more appreciated.

“Obviously I don’t want to pay for non-vegan food, but I know for a fact her friends will not eat the vegan options. So what do you do in these situations?”

Reacting to the post, people had varied opinions online. 

Some fellow vegans were all for it. 

“I only pay for vegan food and actually the kids haven’t even noticed its vegan pizza, nuggets etc if out,” said one. “We always make vegan cake to and people say it’s the nicest they ever had, vegan or not.”

vegan kids party food

People had mixed views on the ‘exclusively vegan’ party idea (Credit: Alamy)

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Whilst another assured the mum: “Most vegan kids wouldn’t know it’s vegan if they weren’t told it was.”

“Personally I wouldn’t be comfortable paying for meat at McDonald’s but then I’m not comfortable going to McDonald’s full stop,” said a third.  

As a fourth concurred: “If they won’t eat the food then don’t come! If friends don’t accept your choices (within reason) then they’re not friends!”

However, others thought the mum should bend the rules and let the children eat what they want. 

is anything in mcdonalds vegan double mcplant

Is it fair to give all the kids a McPlant? (Credit: McDonald’s)

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“I think if you stipulated that you would only buy vegan options some will choose not to come. That seems to only punish your child,” said one. 

“If you’re not willing to buy non-vegan food I just wouldn’t host a party at a non-vegan location,” another advised. “I don’t think you can force children to get certain things from a menu without totally ruining the vibe of the day.”

I think this is really unfair. You can’t dictate what other people’s children eat. Nor should you punish children (that aren’t yours) for not eating the same as you,” said a fellow parent. 

“I’d personally buy the kids whatever they chose to eat,” another agreed. “I think it’s wrong for someone to push there opinions and beliefs on someone else and equally would that not be the same as someone saying I refuse to buy vegan food with my money if your child was to go to their party?”

It looks like the jury is still out on this one… what would you decide?

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