McDonald’s in Japan is selling a savoury pie with a bacon and potato filling

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

You’ll know by now that we’ve got a bit of a fascination with what Maccies is serving people abroad.

Keen McDonald’s fans will know that the fast food giant adapts its menu to suit the taste buds of punters in each country its branches are based. We’re talking parmesan chunks in Italy, a Stroopwafel McFlurry in the Netherlands and a banging McSpicy Paneer burger in India…

But that leaves us wondering why McDonald’s UK hasn’t treated us to a savoury pie, like they serve in Japan. We’re the country of pie and mash, after all…

mcdonalds japan bacon potato pie

McDonald’s Japan is really pulling out the stops with this one (Credit: McDonald’s Japan)

Yup, whilst we’ve likely all tried the apple pie in McDonald’s UK, lucky Japanese customers get to sample a completely different flavour experience.

They can order a savoury bacon and potato pie from the restaurant chain – and we couldn’t be more jealous.

The pie has the same crispy shell we know and love, but this encases a fluffy and creamy potato filling, and there are onions and smoky bacon thrown into the mix, too.

Priced at ¥150 JPY (which is about 90p), the offering comes under the side dishes section at Maccies branches in Japan, and is only available for a limited time.

Check out an ad for the pie below (with oozy potato shots galore): 

It isn’t the first time the pie has graced the menu. In fact, it was a mainstay at Maccies Japan between 1990 to 2002.

However, since then, the folks over at Japan’s golden arches have been offering it up intermittently, to keep the momentum and excitement around the product.

If you’re more of a sweet tooth, Japan’s dessert pies sound like a dream, too. The chain also has a limited edition mochi pie, and we can only imagine how delicious it must be.

Yup, those are mochi balls *in a pie* (Credit: McDonald’s Japan)

Filled with black sugar syrup (kuromitsu) and chewy mochi balls and covered in roasted soy flour, these bad boys are yet further proof that McDonald’s Japan have one of the best menus globally.

Brb, we’re off to book ourselves a flight…