People are filling Easter eggs with milkshake and they’re the stuff of dreams

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Easter is the one time of the year – apart from Christmas, our birthdays, and possibly summer and winter – when we can indulge in all the chocolate treats in the world without feeling guilty. 

Which is why we were more than a little excited to find out about this next food trend, which combines chocolate and our second favourite sweet treat… the humble milkshake.

Yep, if you have been on TikTok recently, then you would know that right now everyone is making their own Easter egg milkshakes. 

That’s right. Milkshake inside an Easter egg. Doesn’t that sound like the ultimate chocolate dream?

Check out a TikTok below:


Mini Eggs milkshake in an Easter egg #milkshake #minieggs #easteregg

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Wanna know how to make one yourself? Well, sit tight because we are here to provide you with all the details. 

Scroll through TikTok and you’ll see there are hundreds of versions of this on the video sharing app, but one of our faves is by user @fitwaffle. 

In her vid, she starts off by adding three scoops of vanilla ice cream, milk, and Cadbury mini egg chocolates in a blender until it smoothes down.

She then grabs her big Easter egg and uses a hot knife to cut the top so that there is enough room to pour your milkshake. Genius, right? 

After carefully removing the top, the milkshake rushes in and then she completes it with whipped cream and more mini eggs.

She then states that the delectable treat is like “drinking out of a coconut on the beach but less tropical and more chocolate”.

The clip amassed 1.6 million views and 135.9K likes on the social media platform, with many users sharing their reactions.

One user tagged her friend and exclaimed: “WE ARE MAKING THESE.”

milkshake easter egg

Credit: TikTok

milkshake easter egg

Credit: TikTok

Another shared: “This video is very good!!!!!”

Even brands got involved, with the WHSmith page commented: “Having a milkshake in a chocolate egg >>>”

Whilst a fourth remarked: “Now that’s heaven right there x”


🚨 WE NEED YOUR HELP 🚨 do we bring back our iconic Cadbury Caramel Easter Egg Shake this year?! 👀🤔 Let us know in the comments 👇 #eastermilkshake #easter2023 #easterdesserts #easterrecipes

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It looks like the Easter egg milkshake has always been a trend as The Little Dessert Shop on TikTok shared a video asking followers if they should bring back their Cadbury Caramel Easter Egg Shake, too. 

The decadent product is an upgrade from drinking a boring old glass and it looks like many users are begging for it to return to their menu.

So what do you guys think? Will you be having a milkshake inside of an Easter egg for the holiday season? We know we will…

If you’re looking for another way to get creative with Easter eggs, why not stuff yours with cheesecake, too?

You heard us. That’s another trend over on TikTok, and we’re utterly obsessed with it.

A cheesecake stuffed Easter egg is… well, basically as it sounds. It’s a chocolate shell with a no-bake cheesecake set inside of it.

The best thing about this trend is you can get as creative as you like. Opt for whatever Easter egg shell your heart desires – whether you’re partial to Cadbury’s, Nestlé or Lindt – then, you can stuff it with your most adored no-bake cheesecake recipe.

You can read more about that here.