A wine drive-thru is launching this weekend offering free Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz

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A wine drive-thru is opening in East London this weekend, offering drinkers an exciting new way to celebrate summer.

The pop-up, courtesy of millennial wine brand HUN, will serve the UK’s first alcohol-free canned wine to driving customers º and there will also be a walk-in section where you can get your hands on a boozy alternative.

Making things even more exciting, the entire operation is completely free, meaning you can grab your drinks without paying a penny.

Wine drive-thru london The wine drive-thru is coming to Shoreditch this weekend (Credit: HUN)

Wine drive-thru coming to East London

HUN’s Wine & Drive will operate for one day only this Saturday (June 19).

Located at the famous American Car Wash in Shoreditch, the pop-up will be open from midday through to 8pm. This of course gives you plenty of time to get down there.

The alcohol-free options, which will be available completely free of charge, offer “drivers, mums-to-be and mindful drinkers” the opportunity to enjoy a delicious tipple without any unwanted side effects.

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Meanwhile, those who aren’t driving and plan to check out the walk-thorough instead will be offered a free can of HUN’s Sauvignon Blanc, Pale Rosé, 5.5% ABV sparkling rosé or  Shiraz.

Ahead of what we hope will be a stellar summer, this is seriously exciting news.

HUN alcohol-free wine HUN is selling the first alcohol-free canned wine (Credit: HUN)

What is alcohol-free wine?

According to HUN, making its alcoholic wine involves an “innovative de-alcoholisation process” that removes booze without compromising on flavour. This particular blend is “rich with citrus and slight apricot aromas”, making it “perfect for picnics and lively dinner parties.”

“The UK’s first alcohol-free canned wine, HUN AF is a vegan sparkling white wine, presented in Insta-worthy gold cans,” a spokesperson explained.

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Canned wine has come a long way in the last few years, becoming a genuinely delicious drinks option. However, the advent of an alcohol-free alternative marks a seriously exciting next step.

Alcohol-free wine may not be for everyone. However, there’s no doubt that it represents an exciting innovation in the drinks market.

Plus, picking up wine from a drive-thru is pretty rad.