Caity Baser's Cream Cheese Penne

Caity Baser told us about one of her dinner hacks on our podcast 'What A Combo', and since then, it's all we've been making at home.

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Ori Goldberg

Dish by Ori Goldberg

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Dinner can be just the biggest pain to make, and honestly, even we can't be bothered to whip up a nice dinner sometimes. Seems like Caity Baser feels the same way, but has shown us one little recipe trick she has up her sleeve for the easiest dinner!


Start by boiling your penne for 10 mins, in salted water. Don't forget to salt your water!

Place your bacon on an oven rack, and bake in the oven at 200°c, for 10 minutes, glazing with honey half way through, and 2 minutes before removing from oven. Once completely cooled, blend in a food processor until you've made bacon crumbs.

In a high-walled frying pan, bring up to temperature on medium heat and add your oil. Once hot, add your slice onions, and start to lightly sweat them down.

Once the onions have started to brown, and are soft (but not burnt or crispy), add your garlic and sauté for another 5 mins, with the lid on.

Remove the lid, and add your sage, cooking for another 2 minutes before adding the sausages.

Break up and fry the sausages with your onions and garlic, and add your smoked paprika once the sausages have cooked, about 2 minutes.

Add your cream cheese, and your pasta water, and melt everything down into a glossy, creamy sauce, and then add your penne.

Cook and stir the pasta into the sauce for about 2 mins, adjusting the sauce consistency with pasta water if needed. Season at this point with salt and pepper to taste.

Plate ups, and cover with your bacon crumbs and chives for a pop of green, and now you can have dinner just like Caity Baser!

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Ori Goldberg

Ori Goldberg

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