Creamy Curried Mushrooms on Toast

Done in 20 minutes

Serves 2

Mia Jacobs

Dish by Mia Jacobs

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Add the sliced onions to a bowl with the lime juice and salt. Set to one side.

Place a dry frying pan over a medium high heat. Once hot, add the shredded mushrooms and apply some pressure - we'd recommend covering the mushrooms with some parchment paper and placing a heavy pot on top.

Once the mushrooms have released all their juices, flip them over and brown on the other side. Add some olive oil and salt once all sides start to crisp and fry until golden brown. Remove and set to one side.

In the same pan, add a splash of oil and heat over a medium heat. Once hot, add the diced red onion and fry until softened, stirring continuously for about 3-4 mins. Once softened, stir in the garlic and ginger and fry for a further 30 seconds.

Add the spices to the pan and reduce the heat. Fry gently with the aromatics until nicely bloomed then tip the mushrooms back in and stir to coat in the spices.

Pour the cream from the top of the tin of coconut milk into the pan and stir everything together. Season to taste with lime juice, salt and a pinch of sugar.

Serve over toast with the pickled onions and fresh coriander.

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Mia Jacobs

Mia Jacobs

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